Healthcare Marketing

As a communications director, you have a lot on your plate. You are the external voice of your medical center and with that comes building the brand, marketing (offline and online), and public relations. Not to mention you are supposed to find the time to manage all of these essential functions within the confines of a fixed budget and organizational goals. How do you accomplish it all? With Market Domination and Business Advantage

The Foundation to Your Online Success


When we apply our Market Domination philosophy to medical centers, we get some truly unique results. Our market-dominating websites are more than just well-designed, strategically built, lead generators. They serve as the platform where you can collect and distribute information your supporters care about. It promotes healthcare services and attracts new patients. It provides one location to accomplish a majority of your marketing tasks—and provides you with measurable results.

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Ongoing Lead Generation for You


Our ongoing relationship in Business Advantage is a real asset to communication departments. We work with your team to outline specific, measurable goals that your department needs to achieve and together we set out to create strategies to meet them. Our activities improve a number of marketing functions: branding, content development, SEO, social promotion, internal marketing, email marketing, and improving the patient experience. Perhaps most importantly to someone with limited time: we automate much of the process, provide measurable results, and keep up with digital marketing industry changes, giving you more time to accomplish important organizational goals.

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How to Increase Leads Using Facebook Ads

Learn how to use Facebook, like an expert, to increase your leads with this on-demand webinar. (Case study: Gym Business)