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How to Optimize Your Advertising with a Facebook Engagement Tracker

How to optimize your advertising with a facebook engagement tracker
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How to optimize your advertising with a facebook engagement tracker

Keeping up with the engagement on your Facebook ads is critical to achieving optimal results. That said, managing comments on more than a few Facebook ads can become quite difficult. Lucky for you, we have a tip that will help you streamline the management process, save plenty of time, and keep your audience of potential customers happy.

Read on to learn how to implement a simple tool that will optimize your Facebook engagement management process.

Why tracking comments on Facebook ads matters

Tracking the comments on your Facebook ads is important for a variety of reasons.

For starters, leaving your paid posts unattended may mean missing business opportunities and brand advocacy. It also means potentially missing the chance to clear up and/or delete any negative feedback or spam that you are paying to be shown across social media.

Comments are how your potential customers communicate with you. There could be hundreds of potential customers asking questions on the posts. Facebook users are prone to jumping into the comments of these ads to share their experiences with services, debate prices, see other people’s opinions on the product/service, etc.

Comment management is vital to having a successful online presence that is in line with your larger organizational goals.

What is an engagement tracker?

Simply put, an engagement tracker is a spreadsheet that automatically pulls your ad data from the Facebook Power Editor and makes it easy for you to keep track of engagement on your ads.

This format allows you to mark off each answered comment as you go through the posts to ensure you don’t leave any of your comments unanswered. This way, your potential customers will be happy, newcomers to the ad will see your engagement, and the organic reach/shares on your ad will grow!

What is Supermetrics?

Rather than try to reinvent the wheel, here’s a description from Supermetrics themselves:

Supermetrics for Google Sheets is an add-on that turns Google Sheets into a full-blown business reporting system for web analytics, social media and online marketing. Run queries, refresh by the press of a button, and share your reports & dashboards.”

It allows you to “schedule an automatic daily refresh or refresh the data by a click of a button when you need the latest figures.”

Benefits of tracking engagement with Supermetrics Engagement Tracker

Monitoring every notification can be difficult for advertisers who publish an ad through Facebook’s Power Editor, especially if they don’t prioritize checking the notifications for ad engagement.

Also, the notifications drop down on the Facebook platform is far from the most efficient way to organize comment notifications, allowing comments to slip by even the most diligent Facebook marketer.

With a Supermetrics engagement tracker you can:

  • Customize your engagement tracker to include any KPI that you want, alerting you to events specific to your Facebook marketing goals.
  • Automatically link to the ad itself and access it at the click of a button, allowing you to expedite the management process and ensure you don’t miss anything.
  • Collaborate with other team members and leave comments on each ad (in the columns) and redirect comments to specific teams (sales teams, customer support, etc.), making it easier for larger teams to stay organized and work efficiently.

How to create a Supermetrics Facebook Engagement Tracker

How to Create a Supermetrics Facebook Engagement Tracker

Now that we’ve piqued your interest about this powerful tool, let’s walk through the step-by-step process of creating an effective engagement tracker.

  • Once you’ve downloaded the supermetrics add-on for Google sheets, select Launch in Sidebar from the Add-ons dropdown.

Launch in side bar from the add ons

  • From the Data Source dropdown in the Supermetrics sidebar, select Facebook Ads. Be sure to sync your Facebook ads account (it allows you to sync by logging in directly if you haven’t already done so).

Data Source

  • If you have more than one ad account, select the Account you want to track ads for. You’re able to select multiple accounts to track comments for if you’re looking to keep track of all your comments in the same place.

Select Accounts

  • Select the Date Range that you want to track. For example you may only want to track your recent ads to avoid populating your sheet with data from old campaigns that are no longer active.

Date Range

  • Select the Metrics you want to track from the extensive list provided, as they will help you manage your engagement most effectively, we recommend:
    • Post comments
    • Post engagements
    • Post shares

Select Metrics

  • Under the Split by tab select:
    • Ad status (effective status) – this allows you to identify which ads are currently running or paused, which will help you determine what to pay attention to.
    • Ad name – to help you clearly identify which ad each comment was left on.
    • Link to post – this allows you to jump directly to the ad in question to manage your comments.

Split to rows

  • Click the Get Data to Table button at the top of the sidebar. Supermetrics will automatically pull the data and display it in your Google Sheet. You’ll now have each comment organized by status, name, and link, plus the number of comments, total engagements, and shares.

Get the data to Table

  • Under the hamburger menu at the top of the sidebar, select Schedule Refresh.
  • Choose to Refresh Daily, decide if you want updates to be emailed to you, then click Store Trigger.

Facebook advertiser pro tip: Be sure that when you click through to respond to an ad you’re logged into the appropriate business account, otherwise your replies may be coming from your personal account. As you can imagine, this looks less than professional and can confuse your audience.

It’s That Easy

There you have it, the simple process to set up a powerful tool that has the potential to dramatically improve your Facebook ad engagement management. Be sure to test the wide variety of additional features that Supermetrics makes available to you. You’ll likely discover other ways to utilize this tool to improve your marketing.

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