Entertainment Venue

With the wide variety of entertainment options available, consistently filling your venue can be difficult. You need a way to capture first-time guests and keep your fans engaged so they coming back.

The Foundation to Your Online Success


A website should form the basis of any external marketing efforts. Printing flyers and handing out coupons just won’t cut it in today’s technology driven world. People are researching you online before they call or buy. Is your website being found? Is your entertainment venue’s website giving the impression you want to portray? Market Domination is all about building a central hub to attract as many potential clients to your website as possible and persuade them visit your venue, using custom user flow design, high-quality photography, and integrating methods to capture each visitor.

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Ongoing Lead Generation for You


Under Business Advantage, we become a partner in your business and focus intently on your success. We help you create measurable goals that drive our activity. Whether it’s promoting attendance for a concert or filling a theater on a monthly basis, we succeed when you succeed. We focus on increasing the number of your potential customers and also on improving the lifetime value of those customers. If people aren’t finding you or coming to your entertainment venue, you have a problem, and digital marketing with Uhuru's BA programs is your solution.

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How to Increase Leads Using Facebook Ads

Learn how to use Facebook, like an expert, to increase your leads with this on-demand webinar. (Case study: Gym Business)