Tourism & Destination Digital Marketing

Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs) are essential to their city and to their region. DMOs must compete with every other destination around the world, from exotic beaches to historic landmarks. With 65% of leisure travelers and 69% of business travelers researching online before traveling, your destination needs to have a strong presence online to engage with new and returning travelers across all channels and devices. It’s essential to find a way to influence travelers to visit your destination and to help enhance their experience.

The Foundation to Your Online Success


A website is the single most impactful piece of marketing for a DMO. It’s likely the first impression you will make on your ideal visitors and should be both entertaining and filled with resources. A good design incorporating high quality photography is a must. Add in website copy that engages and persuades, and you have the start of powerful resource that visitors will continue to return to. But having all this information online is useless when someone can’t find it, which is why we utilize the latest SEO strategies to make sure you’re capturing organic search traffic.

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Ongoing Lead Generation for You


If you’re a DMO looking to increase the economic benefits of your website, Business Advantage is for you. In Business Advantage, we work together with you to develop measurable goals for your destination. Then we create strategies to achieve those goals, which commonly include a targeted content development plan, a lead nurturing sequence, and external promotion of your website’s best content. Each of the elements, executed on a monthly basis, will help drive visitors to your destination.

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How to Increase Leads Using Facebook Ads

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