Case Studies

Dear Valued Client:
This is your personal (as in for YOUR eyes only), highly actionable, and extremely confidential collection of Incredible Uhuru Case Studies. These are real life, business case studies, success stories and documented testimonials here. We hope these case studies will animate your sense of how much really is possible for you and your company. It will also shed light on the breadth and depth of Uhuru’s capabilities and what we can deliver to your company.

RiskIQ Case Study

October 2, 2018

Developing a marketing machine that engages with audiences earlier in the buyer’s journey—filling the funnel with leads that sales can convert.

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EZ Texting Case Study

April 30, 2018

Focusing on the right audience, presenting them with the correct message, staying connected with new users and having new creative designs that targeted each vertical is how we achieved the goals.

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Vaadin Case Study

December 10, 2017

The unifying of product, sales, and marketing through a documented commercial product marketing strategy and a full funnel execution plan for lead generation.

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MoveGB Case Study

September 9, 2017
Digital Marketing Case Study - MoveGB

Greater results from Facebook advertising with an effective B2B and B2C marketing strategy. Accurately defining buyer personas and the buyer’s journey was an essential part of this program’s success.

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