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Blogging Lessons From Breaking Bad


Breaking Bad

Certainly in the running for one of the greatest television shows of all time. It’s visually amazing, masterfully suspenseful, extremely clever and flat out hilarious – and has carried the crown in acting and cinematography for 5 years straight.

A quick catch up for those of you who might be lost: The story follows the radical transformation of Walter White, a Chemistry Teacher who turned into a drug kingpin when he found out about his terminal cancer.

Whether you’re a fan of the show or one of the unlucky few who isn’t, Breaking Bad has tons to teach viewers about creating a world-class meth-lab… NO, a world-class blog.

To salute the show’s end, we look back on a few things we’ve learned from the TV series over the years and how to apply those lessons to our blog.

Learn from the best – Jesse

Jesse started the show in a desperate time in his life. He was just floating along, looking for answers and ended up with a life that felt dead. Over the course of the show Jesse made progress in his life by improving his chemistry skills to be noted as a master cook.

Breaking Blogging Walt and Jesse

Blogging application:
There is no way to make this kind of success leap on your own. Just like Jesse learning from Walter, the master chemist, it takes being told what to do from someone with the knowledge, who knows what to do to achieve higher levels of success.

If you’re not doing it – you don’t know it.

You might argue that you can intellectually understand something but unless you do it – you don’t fully grasp it.

Action: Look to a mentor or coach – Find someone who is doing what you want to do. By finding someone who knows what to do, who’s been there before you’ll be able to achieve the level you want to get to.

Go about your blog professionally – Gustavo “Gus” Fring

Gus is modern in a very particular way: he facilitates his projects with the precision, efficiency and sterile beauty of technology to realize his vision.

Gus builds his empire with an energetic, quiet confidence, and slick union of corporate manufacturing schedules and assembly line management. With Gus Fring, we were brought face to face with a business talent at the highest levels of excellence.

Blogging application:

Much like Gus, when you are building your blog you should do your best to be very admirable, very polite and really care about your end product. Whether it’s your writing, photography, products and/or services.

Precision, efficiency and a focus on an overall vision can take you far. That being said, quick-thinking and hustle are online currencies that are still valued. Gus teaches us to approach our blogs with high-level considerations with an emphasis on operational quality and consistency.

Action: Gus shows you how much you can achieve with an efficient master schedule and relentless emphasis on the quality of the final product.

Know somebody that knows somebody – Saul

Ditch the marketing and make friends. Saul built up a network of uniquely skilled experts by providing them with value and treating them as friends.

Better call Saul

Saul, a criminal lawyer instead of a “criminal lawyer” is the go to expert when the main characters get in a pinch. His network of connections and vast knowledge of seemingly every industry and situation means he can alway point Walter and Jesse in the right direction.

“Let’s just say I know a guy… who knows a guy… who knows another guy.” – Saul

Blogging application:

Importance of networking. You’re going to get into situations that you might not be able to handle or stuck in a position where you’re not exactly sure what to do. This is when knowing people, who know people, can help you get from point nowhere to the promise land.

Action: With social media, it’s easy to make new friends and connections. Get on Facebook and Twitter and start networking. It’s the easiest way to find someone who knows someone.

If you’re going to do something, do it right – Mike

The always calm enforcer for Gus, Mike speaks softly but knows how to handle every situation presented. His level of focus and execution made scenes with the often frantic Jesse an absolute delight.

“I chose a half measure, when I should have gone all the way… I’ll never make that mistake again. No more half measures, Walter.” – Mike

Mike Breaking Bad

Blogging application:
Mike is a great example of hard work and solid execution. He knows it’s hard but does it anyway because he must. So many blogs fail because blogging is hard. If you were told differently, you were lied to. Ok, now that we know it’s hard – do what Mike does: work hard and focus on solid execution.

Action: Follow through. Whether it is a plan or an idea, work at it and go all the way with it.

Be the best at something – Walter

From the beginning, Walt is an emerging Jekyll & Hyde driven by what seems to be the good of his family. As an ever widening crack, it’s soon revealed that his actions are rooted in pride and ultimately a self-focused worldview. Walt has a desire to be the best.

Walter Breaking Bad

A prominent chemist turned high school teacher finds solace in breaking bad, by making the highest quality drug. This affirmation of his skill and his need for recognition leads him down a painful journey that ultimately surpasses his goal. He visualizes that which he is trying to achieve and stops at nothing to provide the energy and actions needed to succeed.

Blogging application: Don’t be the Jekyll & Hyde of your blog. Evaluate your enthusiasm for your topic, sector or area of focus and maintain your energy with consistency rather than following an on again, off again approach that so many bloggers often do. Visualize where you want to be and do what’s necessary to get you there.

Action: Become the dominant character in the story you’re writing. It’s the fundamental assumption that you and you alone are what controls your success.

I hope you enjoyed my perspective and interpretations – I’d love to hear yours. Thank you for your comments!

And if you (for some reason) haven’t seen Breaking Bad – what is wrong with you? 😉

Photo credit: AMC

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