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We’re Not Your Average Sales and Marketing Services Agency

Much like reaching Uhuru Peak on Tanzania’s Mount Kilimanjaro, achieving sales
and marketing records is not about tricks — it takes extensive experience and hard work. 

Mountaineers yearn to make their mark with a flag or a plaque. We strive to
leave you better than we found you — and that means showing you the numbers. 

Supercharged conversions, sales, and reviews free you from stress, multi-tasking hassles, and indecision. You’ll want to call our team yours once you realize our “retained brains” are brimming with expertise, objectivity, and diversity that you won’t find anywhere else.   


From where you’re sitting your marketing and sales obstacles may seem insurmountable. We’ve seen and solved them all — many times over. Marketing flows in our blood, and sales drive our ambition — that’s why we earn stellar reviews from clients who keep coming back for more programs.


Perhaps you don’t yet understand how marketing supports sales. We can show you. Our objective, data-driven programs can propel your sales and marketing KPIs into a whole new section of your spreadsheet. 

Like you, our digital marketing consultants have spent years refining skills, SOPs, and best practices — only, in multiple industries all over the world. That diversity enables us to spotlight issues you may have missed, break log jams you can’t escape, and shine new perspectives on old problems. From San Francisco to Belgrade, to Iloilo City, our savvy specialists level up your business with world-class talent.

Retained “Brains”

Uhuru means “freedom” in Swahili. Only a globally distributed consultancy has the freedom to retain granularly specialized experts from across the world to ensure no business challenge goes unresolved.

Our advantage will soon become yours.

Freedom from your sales and marketing obstacles begins here. Uhuru allows you to leverage the uncommon principles, practices, and people that free you to focus on what you do best and enjoy most.


Don’t Take Our Word For It

Daniel Nanasi
Think Branded Media | Founder

Digital Marketing Solutions

To help you dominate your market, our KPI-driven experts will implement proven sales strategies and marketing solutions to produce consistent results and supercharge your sales.

Grow Your Business With Inbound Marketing

Business Advantage (BA)

Got customer loyalty? Are visitors flocking to your website to download your valuable content? They will, once you’ve enjoyed the integrated lead generation campaigns in our BA program. We’ll demonstrate why persistent success requires: increasing the number of visits by ideal customers, capturing them with valuable content, then nurturing them into buyers.

Paid Customer Acquisition

BA Attack

Struggling to make your lead generation and paid acquisition sales predictable, scalable, and repeatable? No problem. Our BA Attack program will optimize your e-commerce experience, sales pages, content offers, ads, and emails to generate more leads and clients than your company has ever seen.

Sales Process Transformation

Sales Enablement

Is your sales team speaking the language that turns leads into clients? We’ve spent over a decade optimizing and documenting our sales framework — the mindset, skills, and technology — that your sales reps can leverage to create a repeatable pipeline.

Prospecting & Outbound Lead Generation

BA Attack Outbound

Want to open the lead generation flood gates? Our proprietary outreach strategy—from prospecting to conversion — increases the number of leads sent to your sales team. We even save you time by taking on data entry and other tedious tasks.

Website Design & Development

Agile Market Domination (MD)

We help you build a strategic, buyer-focused website that is designed to increase traffic and sales. Your website is an evolving, integrated hub that connects all other marketing activities and creates a compelling experience for potential and current buyers.

HubSpot Implementation That Works


We’ve talked to thousands of companies who have HubSpot implementations that are not supporting their sales and marketing services. That’s why we help clients correctly utilize HubSpot CRM for digital marketing success. Our teams have the experience to set up your HubSpot CRM, Marketing Hub Enterprise, and Sales Hub for optimal ongoing execution.

Marketing Strategy Engagement

Uhuru Strategic Framework

If you’re making marketing decisions without referencing a proven campaign framework you’re not achieving optimal results. Uhuru’s proprietary framework provides guidance throughout your long-term marketing engagements (12–18 months or more).

Free Guide

How to Build a Full Inbound Conversion Funnel

Get our step-by-step guide that outlines each component of a highly effective funnel and how to create one.

Our Work

Here are some of our all-time favorite pieces we’ve brought to life for our valued clients. Here at Uhuru, we love presenting our work and seeing how delighted our clients are with the end result. We don’t consider our job done if our clients aren’t delighted with what we have produced. And we don’t give up easily—if they aren’t impressed, we implement edits until they fall in love with the project as deeply as we have. We’re fueled by your excitement.

Marketing and Sales Training and Strategies

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Consultative Selling:

Definition, Meaning, Process, and Techniques

We break down our transformational three-call sales approach to teach your team how to:
  • engage prospects
  • connect with their brand
  • explore their strategies
  • and ultimately, diagnose their weak spots.