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Peter Lang / Perspectives  

Facebook and Free Speech: Are Your "Likes" Protected?

Are Your Actions On Facebook Protected? Take a look at the following quotes from this story and see if you aren’t a little surprised. In rural Mississippi, two firefighters and a police officer are serving 30-day suspensions because they hit “like” on a controversial Facebook post. In Virginia, a sheriff’s department employee said he was […]

Uhuru / Perspectives  

Case Study – Animals Seen on TV for the CCSPCA

Last 7 months From 1,608 -> 3,500 new likes on Facebook (increase of 1,890+ likes) Hundreds of animals adopted Hundreds of thousands of pageviews to CCSPCA.com Campaign Process It’s been 7 months and 1500+ additional Facebook likes since we launched the Animal Seen on TV program with the CCSPCA and we’re happy to report its […]