Digital Marketing Careers: Job Descriptions, Salary & Requirements

Looking to hire a digital marketer or more info on digital marketing careers? If you’re unclear as to your next step, you won’t be after reading this.

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Digital Marketing Careers- Job Descriptions, Salary & Requirements

Digital marketing careers are in high demand. Whether you’re looking to hire a digital marketing professional internally or you’re looking to become one, you’re in the right place.

We’ve created this guide to help 3 very different groups of people, all looking for information on the same topic—digital marketing careers.

The information you’ll find below is broken into 3 important sections:

How to Hire an In-house Digital Marketer
This section outlines the typical roles found within both small and larger organizations. Its purpose is to help you define:

  • What role(s) best suit your company’s needs
  • The responsibilities of each position
  • The qualifications one would need to be considered for the role(s)
  • Expected compensation

When to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency
This section covers:

  • Typical roles found within an agency
  • Required qualifications for each position
  • Expected compensation
  • Career paths to follow
  • How hiring an agency can improve in-house hires

How  to start a Career in Digital Marketing

In this section we outline:

  • Education options: institutional, online, and various certifications
  • Getting started as a seasoned legacy marketer
  • Beginning a career when new to marketing

Great digital marketers are hard to find, and we want to make the job easier for you. We’ve researched and compiled the latest career data and hiring information to help you make the most informed digital marketing staffing choices for your business.

Only What You Need

Before we go any further, let’s make one thing clear: We’re writing this post to help your organization hire a digital marketing professional. You make the final decision on the title you decide to hire for.

There are plenty of other posts out there that provide long lists of job titles without descriptions or any of the necessary information you would need to determine if these positions are relevant to your organization’s goals. Most of them are highly specific roles that represent an entry-level marketing position, such as “creative assistant” or “email marketer.”

These lists usually are full of roles that fit beneath the senior-level position(s) you’re looking to fill. For this reason, we’re giving you an overview of the types of roles most likely to fit your needs.

We’ve broken down the list of roles into their most useful buckets based on the size of your organization. We start with the “all-in-one marketer” roles that should be able to handle the needs of smaller companies.

Below that is a list of supplemental roles for organizations (with greater needs) looking to hire a marketing team or department. These roles fit neatly beneath the leadership positions outlined in the first section.

To help you make the right decision to suit your needs, we’ve supplied plenty of information on each role, including:

  • Title
  • Role Summary
  • Responsibilities
  • Requirements for Consideration
  • Salary Considerations

Digital Marketing Careers for Small Organizations

When it’s time to take your marketing to the next level, the logical step is to hire a professional. However, when you dive into the process of sifting through the wide variety of digital marketing careers, you’ll find that there is very little standardization in such a young and burgeoning industry.

Everyone wants to play the role, but unfortunately, most candidates would fall closer to the title of an apprentice than a marketing master.

As a smaller organization—which we define as 10 or fewer employees—you’re less likely to have the resources to employ a full marketing team. As such, you’ll want to maximize the output you receive from every marketer on your team, especially if you’re hiring a one-person band to handle all of your digital marketing operations.

You’re looking for someone with the skill set and experience to wear multiple hats and delegate smaller projects to other qualified team members when necessary. Remember, the name of the game if efficiency. It’s vital that they know how to make the most of their own time and optimize your existing resources.

To get to the point, you’re looking for someone with the word “Manager” attached to their title.

Let’s look at the Digital Marketing Careers that best suit your needs…

Digital Marketing Manager

The true test of an all-in-one marketer is the position of Digital Marketing Manager.


Because they’re responsible for your entire digital marketing funnel, the DMM represents an excellent opportunity to expand into a leadership role (such as a Digital Marketing Strategist) as you grow your company’s marketing team. Their all-encompassing level of experience makes them the perfect person to oversee future hiring and determine which roles need to be filled and when.

A DMM must be proficient in:

  • Driving website traffic
  • PPC – Paid search/paid social media
  • Converting traffic into leads
  • Nurturing leads into customers

As such, they’ll be in charge of:

  • Content Creation – Blog Posts, white papers, ebooks, reports, webinars.
  • Marketing Funnel Optimization – Increase lead conversions with CTAs, landing pages, content offers.
  • Lead Nurturing – Moving leads through the buyer’s journey via email marketing and social media.
  • Reporting and Optimization – Using a close analysis of predetermined metrics to monitor and optimize marketing performance.
  • Paid Social Media Ads – The keyword here is paid. They’ll need to optimize all paid social media advertising for the highest ROI.
  • Paid Search (Adwords) – Yet another paid channel the DMM will use to test and deliver the highest return for your paid advertising budget.

This is a role for a true marketing expert, as it requires near perfect execution in each of these areas to get them to function as part of a single efficient marketing engine.

As an additional responsibility, your Digital Marketing Manager will work closely with the sales department to optimize lead delivery and their ability to close the leads they receive.

Candidates for the position will likely have:

  • A BA/BS in marketing (or equivalent work experience)
  • 5+ years of marketing experience
  • Managerial skills/experience
  • Thorough proficiency in marketing automation software (Hubspot, Marketo, Pardot)
  • Understanding of design elements that affect all stages of the funnel

Median Salary: $85,762, with dramatic increases based on experience, performance, location.

If you’re after a true all-in-one marketer, a Digital Marketing Manager is a no-brainer. None of the other digital marketing careers listed in this guide can deliver in the same scope as a DMM.

Additionally, you’ll be able to piggyback off of their experience when it comes time to expand your marketing team. They’ll play a pivotal role in guiding your future hires based on need and relevant skills/experience.

Inbound Marketing Manager

The Inbound Marketing Manager position is very similar to the DMM role listed above. However, their focus is entirely on inbound marketing. Paid social/search may not be within their wheelhouse. They’re responsible for your entire inbound marketing funnel.

As such, they must be proficient in:

  • Delivering organic website traffic
  • Converting traffic into leads with offers
  • Nurturing those leads into customers via email/social
  • Organic social media marketing

The IMM role is more focused than that of the DMM, but their focus is on an entire marketing methodology as compared to some of the roles listed below that are more channel-specific.

Managing an entire inbound funnel is no easy task for all but the most advanced inbound marketers to handle on their own, which means a true Inbound Marketing Manager will have plenty of experience under their belt. They’ll be responsible for making the most of your existing team to help in the process, but in the end, the weight will fall on their shoulders to get it done.

As such, they’ll be in charge of:

  • Content Creation – Blog Posts, white papers, ebooks, reports, webinars.
  • Marketing Funnel Optimization – Increase lead conversions with CTAs, landing pages, content offers.
  • Lead Nurturing – Moving leads through the buyer’s journey via email marketing and social media.
  • Reporting and Optimization – Using a close analysis of predetermined metrics to monitor and optimize marketing performance.

An Inbound Marketing Manager is another position that will work closely with the sales department in order to optimize lead delivery and conversion potential.

Candidates for the position will likely have:

  • A BA/BS in marketing (or equivalent work experience)
  • 3-5 years of marketing experience
  • Managerial skills/experience
  • Thorough proficiency in marketing automation software (Hubspot, Marketo, Pardot)
  • Understanding of design elements that affect all stages of the funnel

Median Salary: $73,762, with dramatic increases based on experience, performance, location.

If your organization has seen promising results from preliminary inbound marketing efforts and you’re putting your resources behind an inbound marketing strategy, hiring an Inbound Marketing Manager is an obvious next step. An Inbound Marketing Manager will also allow you to expand your marketing team with some of the channel-focused digital marketing careers listed below.

After all, effective marketing means your organization will grow, and your needs will eventually exceed a single person’s output capability.

Content Marketing Manager

This is the first of the channel-specific digital marketing careers you’ll find in this list.

If your resources allow for a multi-person marketing team, and you’re ready to get serious about inbound marketing, a Content Marketing Manager may be the best way to support the needs of your organization.

If it isn’t obvious, your Content Marketing Manager must be a content marketing expert through and through. Their job is fairly straightforward: to create content and curate your existing assets to optimize their performance.

They create content for:

  • Blog posts
  • Ebooks/Offers
  • Social media posts
  • Email marketing
  • And more

Your Content Marketing Manager works closely with your Digital/Inbound Marketing Manager to create outstanding content that supports your marketing funnel. They create and follow an editorial calendar that they update regularly, and work with your design team to create the visuals that support their work.

They’re responsible for your content’s:

  • Strategy
  • Calendar
  • Creation
  • Optimization
  • Editing
  • Publishing
  • Promotion

To be considered for the position they’ll need:

  • A BA/BS in marketing (or equivalent work experience)
  • 2-3 years of experience creating web content
  • Audience-building experience (non-channel specific)
  • Thorough proficiency in design software (unless you have a design team inhouse)
  • Ability to analyze data and optimize strategy accordingly

Median Salary: $62,882, with increase based on experience, performance, location.

Creating lots of valuable content takes time, and if your organization is moving toward inbound marketing in a major way, a Content Marketing Manager is a position you should strongly consider filling.

Social Media Marketing Manager

If your product is one destined for social media success, it’s likely that you already know it and are actively participating in social media marketing. You may have found that your social media marketing has provided your brand with successful results, results you’d like to repeat and expand upon.

Most of the digital marketing careers lists we found were filled with various Social Media Marketing positions, but most organizations only need a single expert to handle their social activities (if you need a dedicated employee at all).

Your Social Media Marketing Manager will take the reins on all things social, including:

  • Social content creation (usually teeming with design)
  • Advertising
  • Reporting
  • Optimization
  • Content amplification
  • Brand awareness
  • Community building

To be considered for the position they’ll need:

  • A BA/BS in marketing (or equivalent work experience)
  • 2-3 years of marketing experience
  • Thorough proficiency in all relevant social platforms
  • Proven history of meeting or exceeding mutually agreed upon goals

Median Salary: $49,837, with dramatic increases based on experience, performance, location.

Even less sexy brands can get a lot out of social media marketing by choosing the right platform and putting their resources behind their social accounts. If you’re ready to make a major move into social, a Social Media Marketing Manager is a must-hire position.

Now let’s look at a few more channel-specific digital marketing careers for those with larger marketing teams.

Digital Marketing Careers for Medium/Large Organizations

If your organization is large enough to accommodate a full-size marketing team, you’ll find the roles that you need to fill expand beyond those listed above.

Hiring Note: The roles outlined above are vital components to the creation of a solid marketing department. The roles I’ve listed in this section are supplemental roles that will work beneath your marketing managers in their respective fields.

A single Marketing Manager can only do so much when flying solo. Limited bandwidth will typically be an issue. Therefore, it’s essential to determine in which areas you’ll need the most help by establishing which direction your marketing is going to take.

For example, if you’re diving deep into content marketing, you may find that you need to hire a Copywriter to support your Inbound or Content Marketing Manager. If you’re looking to expand into social, you may find the need for a Social Media Marketer to support that channel.

As mentioned, all of the digital marketing careers below work in tandem with the leadership roles listed in the previous section, so if you skipped over it, you might want to backtrack a few steps.

Product Marketing Manager

Your Product Marketing Manager is responsible for marketing a particular product or product line that you sell. This role is especially useful in organizations that sell each of their products/lines to unique buyers.

For example, a woman’s accessory company may have a line of hats, a line of jewelry, and a line of sunglasses. Each of these products would likely be marketed in different ways to a unique audience, requiring its own strategy and accompanying marketing tactics.

Enter the Product Marketing Manager, a full-scope marketer responsible for a portion of your overall marketing.

To be considered for the position they’ll need:

  • A BA/BS in marketing (or equivalent work experience)
  • 2-3 years of product marketing experience
  • Managerial skills/experience
  • Thorough proficiency in marketing automation software
  • Understanding of design elements that affect all stages of the funnel

Median Salary: $84,367, varies dramatically based on experience, performance, location.

Email Marketing Manager

Email marketing is still a significant component of a successful marketing machine. If you want to put more resources behind moving your leads through the buyer’s journey, as well as buyer delight and retention, email marketing needs to be addressed with a dedicated staff position.

Where the titles of some email marketing-related digital marketing careers can make this role seem complicated, what you want to look for in an email marketer won’t vary greatly from company to company.

An Email Marketing Manager is responsible for optimizing:

  • Lead generation activities/list building
  • Lead nurturing/conversions
  • Generating more sales qualified leads
  • Delighting customers post-conversion
  • Retaining and creating repeat customers

To be considered for the position they’ll need:

  • Relevant BA/BS Degree
  • 1-3 years of email marketing experience
  • Thorough proficiency in marketing automation software
  • Understanding of every component of your marketing funnel

Median Salary: $63,815, with increases based on experience, performance, location.

Copywriter/Ghost Writer

One of the fundamentals of digital marketing is the creation of valuable content. If your organization is moving toward implementing a powerful content marketing strategy, you’ll find that a Copywriter will become an invaluable addition to your team. It’s not uncommon for full-blown digital marketing careers to stem from work in copywriting. You never know what you’ll get when putting the right training and resources behind the right entry-level hiring.

While being overseen by an Inbound or Content Marketing Manager, they are responsible for the creation of copy for:

  • Blog posts
  • Ebooks
  • White papers
  • Web pages
  • Emails
  • And more

To be considered for the position they’ll need:

  • Marketing experience preferred
  • Writing experience
  • Relevant degree preferred
  • SEO training/experience
  • Thorough understanding of inbound marketing principles

Median Salary: $67,286 with increases based on experience, performance, location.

Marketing Assistant

The role of a Marketing Associate or Assistant is an entry-level marketing position that delivers support to the rest of the marketing team, as the Marketing Manager/Director sees fit. For example, simpler tasks like data entry or research support may be designated to this person.

Hiring for this role is a great way to groom someone in your team’s marketing culture, train them the way you want, and avoid any roadblocks due to bad habits. It does, however, take time and output on your part to get them trained to a level from which they may advance.

The Marketing Assistant is responsible for:

  • Assisting the marketing team with low- to mid-level tasks
  • Creating, reporting, tracking, or various marketing activities to support team goals

To be considered for the position they’ll need:

  • A basic understanding of inbound marketing
  • General comfort with technology
  • Willingness to learn

Median Salary: $38,880, with significant increases based on experience.

With proper training and experience within an organization, a Marketing Assistant may end up managing far greater responsibilities or even an entire channel for your organization. However, this increased responsibility typically comes with a title change/promotion.

How to Find Qualified Digital Marketing Applicants

One of the most challenging problems you’ll face when hiring for the roles outlined above is sifting through the mountain of resumes and applications you’ll receive. It can quickly become difficult to identify the good from the bad or the ugly when you’re scanning the 100th cover letter.

Lucky for you, we’ve listed a few simple and straightforward tips that will make the hiring process dramatically easier.

Where to Start Your Search

It’s not easy knowing where to begin looking for skilled candidates to fill your open position(s). Lucky for you, we’ll be providing you with a solid two-pronged approach to your search.

1. Use an employment agency who solicits and finds referrals.

These agencies can charge a pretty penny for their services, but an expert agency will understand just what you’re looking for and how to find the right applicant(s). After all, it’s how they earn their commission. Agencies and headhunters are an excellent way to find qualified applicants in a field that has so little standardization. Digital marketing careers can be difficult to staff for, so there’s no shame in turning to an expert for help.

2. Look to Marketing-specific job websites

You may find that traditional job sites will inundate your inbox with poorly matched hires. However, marketing-specific job sites tend to attract more qualified candidates as only true marketers seek them out.

Take a look at:

How to Qualify Your Applicants

Searching may be considerably easier than actually qualifying your candidates. Hopefully, this list has helped you to understand what you should expect to see from the applicant to be considered for your open position(s).

Use a Sifting Tool

Digital marketing careers are highly sought after in such a rapidly growing industry, so you may have your hands full when it comes to sifting through resumes. Fortunately, electronic resume sifters exist to help with that task.

You simply input the keywords you’re looking for, and the software returns the resumes and cover letters that meet your criteria.

Use the criteria outlined in this guide as a baseline, then further research the role you’re hiring for to determine which additional keywords you might want to add to whittle down the number of applicants to the top percentile.

Best if by Hand

If your search doesn’t produce an overwhelming number of results, it’s almost always better to sort applicants by hand/personally so that you can really get a feel for each applicant.

Remember one thing – You know more about your company than anyone else, so it’s vital that you include your own requirements among the criteria you list in your ads. Be sure to include that when electronically sifting through applications too.

Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency

This post has as little to do with self-promotion as humanly possible. However, it should be noted that hiring an agency to fulfill your marketing needs may be a good first step.

An agency represents a full team that you hire to deploy various marketing initiatives for you. One of the benefits in an agency hire is the opportunity to “try before you hire.”

Let’s look at an example of what that means.

Let’s say you hire a Social Media Marketing Manager to take your social media marketing to the next level. You go through extensive interviews, find the right person, and put them to work.

What if the results they can deliver simply aren’t up to par with the goals you had set before bringing on your new hire? As some brands/products perform better on social, you may find that your expectations exceeded your results.

Unfortunately, this leaves you in a position where you’ve rushed to put your marketing budget behind what may be the wrong channel for your business.

Why/When Hiring a Marketing Agency Makes Sense

An agency is a team of industry experts who know which types of businesses do well on which marketing platforms. They also do extensive testing to make the most of every marketing dollar.

Even if you have the resources to hire an in-house marketer, it may be beneficial to let an agency help you determine what works best for your business. They’ll likely even guide you in the hiring of the right in-house professional, which makes your job that much easier.

If you’re interested in seeing how much you get in an agency investment, you’ll find the roles of a typical digital marketing agency listed in the following section.

Resource: Know When to Outsource Marketing and When to Keep it In-House

Hiring for Your Digital Marketing Agency

As I mentioned above, one of the benefits of hiring an agency is that you have the whole team working on the action items most relevant to both your immediate and long-term success.

Also, make sure you understand what a Digital Marketing Agency can do for you.

Now, let’s take a look at the typical roles you might find in a Digital Marketing Agency.

Digital Marketing Strategist

The Digital Marketing Strategist is in charge of the big-picture operations and represents the pinnacle of digital marketing careers. They’re responsible for gathering information about the client and their ideal buyer to create a sound digital marketing strategy.

The tactics within this strategy would then be placed in the hands of a Digital Marketing Consultant from whom they would receive feedback, making adjustments accordingly to optimize the client’s result.

Median Salary: $125,750, based on experience, performance, location.

Creative Director

Creative Careers and Digital Marketing Careers often work hand in hand as creative design play a pivotal role in digital success.

The Creative Director is responsible for overseeing the creative and design elements of the entire agency and every client. That means everything that’s created for websites, content offers, blog posts, and more.

They understand the role of marketing strategy and how to implement it into clear, evocative, engaging designs that fit the client’s branding and message.

Median Salary: $114,262, with increases based on experience, performance, location

Digital Marketing Consultant

The role of the Digital Marketing Consultant can be broken down into three separate positions.

Senior Digital Marketing Consultant

In an agile marketing agency, a senior DMC will be responsible for their own hive, or team of marketers that are focused on completing the action items for a few clients. This way, the entire hive can be focused on understanding each of these clients more thoroughly than if they were assigned projects from the entire client roster.

The senior DMC is an all-in-one marketing role, meaning they are capable of performing any marketing action that needs their attention. They are directly involved in the strategy creation, and implementation of various tactics outlined within the strategy is their core responsibility.

They are also responsible for delegating and overseeing the actions of other DMCs within their hive, as well as the creative and design team members within the hive.

Median Salary: $93,433, with increases based on experience, performance, location.

Digital Marketing Consultant
The DMC role is one that closely supports that of the senior leader or Senior DMC. They are also a full-scope marketer, capable of taking on a wide variety of marketing actions, but typically carry less experience and may be lacking in the full-scale understanding that would be necessary for them to run a marketing team.

The DMC role generally manages the marketing skill(s) they are most advanced in, such as content marketing or pay per click. They are also responsible for working closely with the rest of the team and delegating tasks as needed.

Median Salary: $57,609, with increases based on experience, performance, location

Junior Digital Marketing Consultant

The Junior DMC role is a stepping stone between a single-focus role such as a Copywriter and the multifaceted role of a DMC. The Junior DMC is responsible for the tasks they are most skilled in but begins by assisting in various action items that support the rest of the team and expand their knowledge base and experience.

Typically, an entry-level position.

Median Salary: $44,750 varies greatly based on experience, performance, location

Social Media Marketing Consultant

Social media marketing experts are often found operating under this role as their sole focus is managing the social media accounts of the clients within their hive. Because social media is such a rapidly evolving field, many agencies employ Social Media Marketing Consultants to ensure the social media campaigns for each of their clients are continually optimized.

Median Salary: $46,643, with increases based on experience, performance, location.

Pay-Per-Click Marketing Consultant

Where a Social Media Marketing Consultant may be responsible for growing a client’s social media following, expanding brand awareness, or promoting relevant content to specifically targeted segments of their audience, a Pay-Per-Click Marketing Consultant is an expert at pay-per-click marketing.

It’s rare to see the two roles working side by side, as social media experts typically handle social PPC. The PPC Marketing Consultant is responsible for PPC across all relevant channels, meaning they must keep up with a multitude of evolving trends and platform changes at once. The most notable difference between a PPC and Social is that PPC tends to focus on Adwords, where Social may focus on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Median Salary: $55,851, with increases based on experience, performance, location.

Web/Graphic Creative Designer

Also within that hive is a Creative Designer who clearly understands the branding and message of their clients. They are responsible for creating the design of web pages, blog posts, downloadable content offers, and more as various items are created.

Median Salary: $65,074, with increases based on experience, performance, location.

Web Developer/Coder

The Web Coder is the team member responsible for making everything that the rest of the team creates function online. While the rest of the team is creating web pages, landing pages, and CTAs, it’s the Web Coder’s job to make it all look and function on screen.

Median Salary: $75,662, with increases based on experience, performance, location.


A hive will usually contain a copywriter as well, responsible for the creation of blog posts, ebooks, web copy, etc. In an inbound marketing funnel, content creation is one of the core activities, and DMC roles will typically delegate most of the content creation to a copywriter/ghostwriter.

Median Salary: $65,286, with increases based on experience, performance, location


An editor is a vital component to any team that creates this much content. Their job is to edit and improve the various copy created by each of the other team members. Before an item goes live, is published, or is sent to a client for review, the editor makes sure it’s ready.

Median Salary – $65,325 with increases based on experience, performance, location

Note: While this is, in fact, the median data that we pulled from various resources (listed below), an editor will rarely make less than a copywriter.

As you can plainly see, the value added by hiring an agency is significantly greater than that of a single in-house hire. While you may be looking to build your team, hiring an agency to help you get started is always a good idea.

You’ll be getting an entire team of experts for around the cost of a single in-house employee.
Especially for those starting out, the results produced by an agency team will greatly exceed that of an in-house team.

We’ve only scratched the surface of the benefits a digital marketing agency provides in terms of cost, productivity, and quality.

This is an especially important consideration for small- to medium-size organizations without the budget to employ a team of this caliber.

Hiring an agency makes smart business sense. As with anything, choosing to hire an agency over an in-house team is a matter of needs, preference, and what’s best suited for your company objectives.

How to Start a Career in Digital Marketing

Those looking to begin a digital marketing career typically come from two very different paths. There are those in the early stages of their careers looking to work their way up in an exciting and rapidly evolving industry.

There are also those who have worked in traditional legacy marketing. They possess a thorough understanding of the science of marketing, yet need to transfer skills and talents to new channels.

Let’s start with the latter.

Shifting from Traditional Marketing Role to a Digital Marketing Career

At Uhuru, we implement continuous improvement systems to keep our team ahead of the curve. In an industry that evolves as quickly as digital marketing, it’s a must.

Consider a shift into a digital marketing career to be your own continuous improvement system. When the playing field evolves, you’re simply doing what’s necessary to stay current and relevant.

An organization looking to hire for the various digital marketing careers listed in this guide will expect applicants to have:

  • A relevant degree – you have that…
  • Experience – check…

What you don’t have is the proficiency in the digital landscape that most employers will be looking for. For that, there are several options to help jumpstart your shift into digital, namely in the form of online certifications and digital resources.

Online Certifications

One of the quickest ways to jumpstart your career in digital marketing is by getting yourself certified. The training involved in obtaining certification will typically give you enough of a baseline education to take an entry-level marketing position.

In recent years, some online certifications and curriculum have popped up. The more comprehensive of them deliver the most up-to-date principles of digital marketing to their students, while others fail to do more than touch on the key concepts without delivering any practical knowledge or actionable takeaways.

Do your research and look for trusted reviews from real-life participants of the certification program.


For starters, you can’t go wrong with Google’s own (FREE) Digital Marketing Certification. It’s heavily Adwords biased, but it will give you an in-depth overview of digital marketing basics. It will also provide the skills to support an organization’s ongoing Adwords-focused digital marketing or launch an Adwords program for a smaller company.


The team at Moz also offers an extraordinary amount of training, and it’s also FREE. Moz Academy provides would-be marketers with a well-organized series of tutorials, each of them divided into different focuses to help streamline the education process. While not technically a certification program, the content is detailed and valuable and will certainly help move you in the right direction. Remember, when applying for a marketing position you have to be able to walk the walk and talk the talk. It’s not always about who has the most degrees or certs.


If you’re interested in becoming a marketer, you may already be familiar with the HubSpot software. Did you know they offer several FREE certifications as well? Everything from basic Inbound Marketing to high-level Agency Certifications is available, and their super thorough curriculum will get you prepped to take on most entry-level positions.

Certifications note: Marketo also has its own certification program, as do some of the other major players in the marketing software space. HubSpot provides the most thorough resources across the entire scope of the inbound marketing landscape.

If you’re looking for a highly valuable, well-recognized certification program, Ryan and the team at certainly have what you’re looking for. While my first three recommendations were free resources, this cert will cost you. That said, the content has been painstakingly prepared, and the benefit you’ll receive from this all-in-one program will take your skills to the next level, and maybe even the level after that!

Launching Your Digital Marketing Career from Scratch

If you’re looking to begin a career in digital marketing, this is a great list to get you started thinking about the direction you’ll want to take. Becoming a full-scope digital marketing professional is an excellent goal, but you’ll need to start somewhere.

We highly recommend a thorough examination of this list to see which titles interest you most. If you choose your desired career path, it will be easier to focus your training and education based on the skills required to reach your goal.

Whereas 5 years ago you may not have been able to find much in the way of digital marketing degrees, today they are far more common. The industry is growing, and with it comes the need for qualified candidates to fill empty roles.

Creating Your Own Digital Marketing Results

One of the best ways to showcase your abilities is by creating and running your own digital marketing channel in the form of a blog or online business. If you can build an inbound marketing funnel of your own, you can show potential employers exactly how much value you represent to their organization.

This could be as simple as starting a personal blog, or you might even create a side business that demonstrates these skills. The point is to be able to showcase your results rather than simply telling your interviewer what you’re capable of.

Work Experience

Work experience is another way to prove your digital marketing acumen. As we mentioned, the type of curriculum outlined above simply wasn’t available to most a few years ago.

However, you may have been working in an existing organization’s marketing team or even within an agency. While most agencies have their own marketing structure that you’ll need to learn, having the experience will make you more qualified for an entry- to mid-level position.

Using the resources outlined in the section above (Online Certifications), it’s possible to become a digital marketing expert on your own. You may even be able to get buy-in from the higher-ups at your existing job and begin implementing and testing new digital tactics.

How great would it be to generate a better return for your organization and learn the ropes of digital at the same time?

Institutional Education

Both on an organizational level and within an agency, having a thorough training in digital marketing makes you a far more valuable asset. Lucky for you, there are more degrees and certificates available in digital marketing than ever.

Most major universities offer a digital marketing/communications program, some being better than others. Be sure to take a look at those available at your local university/school of choice, as well as those offered online from universities across the nation.

Time to Hire

Now that you have the digital marketing careers list you’ve been looking for; it’s time to take a long hard look at your needs and existing resources. Determine where you want to focus your efforts and which in-house hire makes the most sense for your organization.

If you’re still not sure, the agency route may be the best way to get a clear picture of the path you need to follow. Whichever you choose, we hope the information you found here today was useful.

Here’s to your success,



This guide is the culmination of many hours of research and fact-finding. What you see above is not merely speculation or one-sided opinion, instead a representation of a middle ground in a largely unstandardized field.

TCG 2017 salary guide
Hubspot Digital Marketing Careers
Peter’s Agency Owner Friends

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