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Advertising on Instagram: Your Step-By-Step Guide

Facebook Ads are are the best online advertising tool. You can reach up to 1.5 billion people around the world and find the audience you’re looking for among them. There are many Facebook Ads objectives and types of posts you can promote, either in Facebook (for instance by promoting a photo), or outside Facebook (for example by sending people to your website or to another App).

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Thinking Through Facebook Ads – A Case Study

This isn’t a post about developing a complete Facebook advertising strategy, it is instead designed to show you how to think strategically and tactically about Facebook advertising.

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Facebook’s Ads To Improve: Big Brother Style

Facebook will be rolling out a new feature for companies to market their products and services using Facebook. Facebook has teamed up with four data brokerage companies in an effort to provide more personal information on users to companies for marketing purposes.

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New Facebook News Feed?

Would you like the NEW Facebook news feed? You can have it! We’re just not sure when. Facebook has announced a new design to the news feed in an effort to clean the clutter and make the user experience more enjoyable.

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How to select all your friends in one click – Facebook 2013

Do you invite friends to events? Are you planning on creating a Facebook page and want to tell everyone about it? With this trick, it just became a whole lot easier.

As our friends at TricksFacebook.com pointed out, this is one of those tricks that comes and goes. See, Facebook doesn’t want you to easily select all of your friends when sending out information and as a result, they try to block things like this. Currently this lovely little trick works, here is how to get it going:

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Facebook Privacy: Manage Blocking

We all have friends that get a little over zealous with event or app invites. Or use an app that shares their activity on other social networks with Facebook resulting in a complete SPAMMING of your news feed. (This one really bugs me) Luckily, this happens to Zuckerburg too and as a result, Facebook has some options when it comes to blocking unwanted content.

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Facebook Report: Wolfram Alpha

The powerful computational knowledge engine known as Wolfram Alpha added a new feature called Facebook Report. The report uses a Facebook app to gain access to your Facebook data and presents it in a neat visually rich fashion. What kind of data you ask? Well, I now know that 60.8% of my friends are married, my most common friend name is Ryan, my average post length is 4.75 words and my biggest commenter is my Mother.

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Facebook Year In Review Feature

You may have noticed a new link on your Facebook timeline today called Year In Review. When you click it you will be redirected to http://facebook.com/yearinreview and Facebook will display your 20 biggest moments from the year including life events, highlighted posts and your popular stories. It’s a fun way to look at your Facebook […]

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You Can No Longer Hide On Facebook

Various sources are reporting that starting today the following Facebook privacy policy changes will begin to take effect. 1. It will be easier for you to pick which of your friends or subscribers can view your personal info, status updates and photos. 2. It will be simpler to request a photo of you, posted by […]

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Fake Facebook Privacy Notice

You may have noticed a trend on Facebook in the past few days where your Friends are posting a status update claiming they hold the rights to all of their content on Facebook. This is in response to privacy changes by Facebook. Sorry, this “declaration of rights” does you no good. If you accepted the […]