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How to Get the Most Out of Your Social Media Strategy

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A common phrase in the world of social media is “how do we go viral”? While that would be nice, to see the most success from your social media campaigns, it’s best to aim for a long-term and lucrative plan. 

What’s magical (and seen as utterly annoying to many people) about social media is that there isn’t an exact science to it. You can analyze stats and metrics forever, but some posts just hit and some don’t. Of course, it’s best to do research, have a strategy and post consistently, but there are so many factors that affect a post or whole campaign.

Uhuru’s social media strategies are built around appealing to the right audience for the client/product/service. We want to create content that sells and inspires an audience to take action. So when one of our clients came to us wanting to improve their social presence, we got to work on a strategy that would accomplish just that. 

Due to a lack of internal capacity, this client was struggling to consistently create and post to their social accounts. But understanding the opportunities social media offers for getting potential sales, this was something that they wanted to rectify as soon as possible. This client’s goal was to raise their brand awareness and look “relevant” on social media — In order to complete a successful social media strategy, Uhuru did market and social media research to see how they could not only keep on par with competitors but do better. By crafting content pillars across all stages of the funnel we were able to target the areas they wanted to make the most impact. 

Uhuru put in place a monthly social media calendar to increase their posting cadence to 2-3x a week, including a clear call to action on each post and linking tracking to every post so we know where the traffic or sales are coming from.

Over time, we did an analysis on what type of content and what platforms were being the most engaged. What’s interesting is that Twitter is their least engaged platform yet where one of their first sales came from. Utilizing optimizations and insights, as well as a thoughtful strategy, lead to a successful result for our client. 


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