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Website Design Old Town Clovis – Tourism & Destination

User behavior from website analytics allowed us to better understand Old Town’s visitor. Now users get the information they were truly after on every device.

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5 Website Mistakes That Are Hurting Your Business

Is your website hurting your business? Make sure you aren’t making these 5 common mistakes!

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Top 10 Questions To Ask Yourself – Website Redesign

It goes without saying that in today’s business environment it is not enough to merely have a website. Marketing managers agree that websites should and must be refined and improved on a regular basis in order to capture a visitor’s attention. I’m not referring only to written content – I’m talking about anything in your website that can engage visitors consistently. If this level isn’t available on your website they may leave your website and find themselves engaging with one of your competitors.

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Roger Rocka’s New Website

Uhuru Network is proud to announce the launch of Roger Rocka’s Dinner Theater’s new website just last month. This new site represents a dramatic shift from the old design to modern web design. It has a focus on mobile and for the first time, the ability to purchase individual show tickets online. The address is familiar: RogerRockas.com, but the content is fresh, vibrant and interactive. Roger Rocka’s Dinner Theater is a well known and respected Fresno business and we are very proud to work with both Roger Rocka’s Dinner Theater and Good Company Players.

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Aquarius Aquarium Institute's New Website

Aquarius Aquarium Institute This project was one of our favorites. We really enjoyed completely overhauling the Aquarius Aquarium Institute’s website to more accurately reflect the organization and it’s purpose. The new design highlights the activities of the institute with great photos and interactive elements. A feature receiving plenty of praise are the fluffy clouds which […]

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Morality In Design: What Does Your Website Say About You?

Today we watched an interesting TED Talk by Sebastian Deterding. He discussed how the design of something has effects, both intentional and unintentional. How unintended negative consequences can come from the most well intended of ideas. He also brings up the question of morality and how what you intend to be good may be seen […]

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Do You Have A Favicon? You Better Have A Favicon!

What Is A Favicon? A favicon is the small icon next to your url or next to your page title in your internet browser’s tab. A favicon is a great for branding. It allows you to keep your brand’s logo in the mind of your customers and helps with brand recall. If you don’t already […]

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Do We Need WWW Anymore?

A client asked if any of us even use the WWW part of web addresses anymore. You might be thinking the same. Let’s explain. Back in the olden days, companies and individuals alike would give out their web addresses a little differently. It was common to hear “Dubya Dubya Dubya” or “triple w” before the actual […]

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Presenting The New Old Town Clovis Website

The Business Organization of Old Town (B.O.O.T.) , which is responsible for setting up events, marketing and promoting the region, hired us to make a “destination style” website that could be a one stop visit to find more information on the area, upcoming events, and see the retailers and restaurants in and around Old Town.