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12 Reasons To Integrate Photos and Video Into Your Destination’s Website Design

Having photos and video integrated into your destination website design is a critical component of providing website visitors the experience they expect and deserve.

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How not to launch a website

The American people can enroll for health insurance through a brand new website! But the website and launch was an epic failure. Read how not to launch a website.

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Prevent Your Website From Getting Hacked: 3 Easy Steps You Can Do Right Now

Bad News Let’s start of with some bad news. If a skilled hacker is specifically targeting your site and is determined to gain access, they just may be able to do it. Very large companies who spend very large amounts of money on security have been hacked. It’s a constant cat and mouse game. Good […]

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Easiest Way To Watermark Your Photos

If you blog, you should be making your own images. If you make your own images, you should be watermarking them. What Is A Watermark? A watermark is a semi-transparent logo or line of text placed somewhere on an image. Can you find the watermark in this image? It’s hidden… Why Do I Need A […]

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Why You Should Improve Your Photography Skills

Few things can improve a webpage, Facebook post, or Tweet more than visuals. Images get clicked on and shared far more than any text. Look at Instagram, the whole app is only for sharing images! Pictures Get Clicks/Shares/Likes We build and manage a fair share of websites and Facebook pages. As a result we have […]

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Morality In Design: What Does Your Website Say About You?

Today we watched an interesting TED Talk by Sebastian Deterding. He discussed how the design of something has effects, both intentional and unintentional. How unintended negative consequences can come from the most well intended of ideas. He also brings up the question of morality and how what you intend to be good may be seen […]

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Do You Have A Favicon? You Better Have A Favicon!

What Is A Favicon? A favicon is the small icon next to your url or next to your page title in your internet browser’s tab. A favicon is a great for branding. It allows you to keep your brand’s logo in the mind of your customers and helps with brand recall. If you don’t already […]

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Do We Need WWW Anymore?

A client asked if any of us even use the WWW part of web addresses anymore. You might be thinking the same. Let’s explain. Back in the olden days, companies and individuals alike would give out their web addresses a little differently. It was common to hear “Dubya Dubya Dubya” or “triple w” before the actual […]

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Optimize Your Images For Web With GIMP (FREE)

Why Should I Optimize Images For The Web The biggest mistake begginers make is not optimizing images for the web. When uploading an image to the web you don’t want to have an image that is larger then needed. By reducing the dimensions of the image and the file size of the image we can […]

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Mobile Website vs Mobile App vs Mobile Web App

Mobile this mobile that. The term is attached to everything these days and it can get confusing for people to understand what it means when someone says mobile “whatever”. The most common mobile “something” terms we are going to tackle today are mobile website, mobile app and mobile web app. Mobile Website When we say […]