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9 Ways To Grow Your Gym Community

To grow a gym’s community and to have influence over its members, it has to become a place they care about. It must provide them with value they don’t want to lose.

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How To Keep A “Human Touch” With Your Fitness Marketing

You can add a human touch to your fitness marketing. With a connected community, there are many things you can do to be successful with your fitness marketing strategy.

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Should My Law Firm do In-House Marketing or Hire a Digital Marketing Agency?

In the best situation, you have both. You’ve hired an experienced digital marketing agency to work alongside your in house marketing legal expert.

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The Power of the Thank You Page

The main objective of a thank you page is to provide the website visitor what you promised them but if used strategically it can do so much more. Use these tips to make the most of your Thank You page

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9 Marketing KPIs That Drive Performance

Marketing KPIs are an essential part of tracking your marketing investment and driving performance. Here are 9 marketing KPI’s you can start using today.

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Marketing Your Business – No More Marketing Excuses

It’s time to start marketing your business, and stop hesitating and making excuses. To achieve better focus, ask yourself these 10 questions.

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Video Marketing Is Like Baseball

Video marketing is a skill that can be developed. Using proven techniques you can increase the effectiveness of your videos and increase the chances of hitting a home run!

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3 Best Questions To Ask Your Audience After A Presentation

The end of your presentation is a crucial time and you should make the most of. Here are 3 questions to help you do just that.