Five tips for getting more from your blog

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The blogosphere is big and busy. One of the realities of blogging is that readers just don’t appear from thin air. It’s up to you the creator, writer, and promoter to give your site the opportunity to be read and for your voice to be heard.

What can you do get more from your blog?

    1. Pay Attention to Titles

SEO blog titles

Titles are the introduction to your blog. First time visitors will notice your blog titles often before they notice what your blog is about. While it’s fun and entertaining to use clever or humorous titles, make sure you have the title represent a clear and concise message to the visitor so they don’t have to wonder what your blog posts are about.

Also, remember that the most SEO value will come from your blog post titles, even more so than the content of each post, so take some time to make sure your titles will positively impact your search engine optimization.

    1. Internal Linking

For those of you that have been blogging for awhile you’ve probably found that you’re writing about topics you touched on before. Don’t let these archived posts go without representation or links from your current posts.

There are huge advantages to simply interlinking your posts between other posts. This gives you great power because you decide where to send your readers and can also make sure that the links are contextually relevant and fit with the flow and topic of your post.

2.  Update Old Posts

Often I actually go back to my older posts and do some updates. I’ll adjust content by rewriting the post or simply add additional paragraphs.

Here’s why: my older posts have been indexed and are still relevant in search engine results, which means people are still reading articles I wrote years ago. By making sure these posts are up-to-date and accurate I’m ensuring that my visitor who’s reading these older posts are finding reliable and valuable content.

3.  Use Images

Images on your blog are important because they do many things. Images help improve the look of your blog, help people find your blog through search engine image listings, and provide visual context to your content.

If you’re not creating your own images for your blog posts, make sure to check the copyright restrictions on any image you use on your blog. Most of the free photos you’ll find on the web are utilizing creative commons licensing and require that you provide attribution (which you should always do anyway).

4.  Utilize Comments

Comments and Blogging

Leaving comments, and responding to comments, is very simple and an essential part of increasing your blog’s traffic.

Leaving comments on other blogs that are relevant to your blog will achieve two things; drive in traffic to your site and grow your readership. When you do leave comments make sure you leave your blog URL in your comment, this creates a back link to your blog. If you’re utilizing this tactic make sure to leave comments that offer value or respond to a call-to-action, not simply “good article”. If your comment is meaningful it will draw the interest of others to read more about you and your blog.

Additionally, respond to comments left on your blog. This shows your readers that you value their comment and allows you to draw them into a conversation about your content or topic. Doing this will increase reader loyalty and pull that person back to your site.

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