Top Trending Twitter Hashtags And The Best Way To Use Them

So you already know the answer to the question, “What Are Hashtags?” and you want to start using them to your advantage. The following post should give you a solid starting point to begin using hashtags as part of your marketing arsenal.

What To Do With Hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to expose your tweet to other users who do not currently follow you. If your objective is to have your tweet seen by as many users as possible using a hashtag is an easy way to start. Choosing the right hashtag is important. With only 140 characters space is at a premium, you have even less if you are trying to get retweeted. So look for a hashtag that is likely to be used by your brand’s demographic.

How To Find Top Trending Hashtags

What The Trend will help you find the top trending hashtags in the last 30 days. This is beneficial if you want to strike while the iron is hot but a lot of what may be currently trending might not be related to you or your brand. Some creativity may be needed to keep your tweet relevant and not spammy. However, finding creative or unique ways to incorporate existing hashtags into your tweet can definitely help your tweet’s exposure. will show you the larger, longer lasting hashtags and will also categorize them, helping you choose the right hashtag for your brand.

TrendsMap is a handy tool for finding curent top trending hashtags but takes it even further by using location data. So not only will you be using up to date trending hashtags, you will be using hashtags popular in your geographic area. This can be fantastically effective for localizing your tweets and finding new customers in your geographic region.

Do you know of any other ways to find top trending hashtags? Share them with is in the comments.

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