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From increasing monthly leads by 2,010% to generating 50,000 site visitors per month, there are seemingly countless examples of how we’ve driven client success.

196% increase in sales, 16 million ad impressions, up to 12X ROI, and +40k likes…in just three months.

“With Uhuru’s Facebook retargeting campaign, we achieved a return of 653%!” -—Antonio Scognamiglio, Partner | Mazuum

Why should you believe we're different?

Well, we have to show you that our team can deliver. We have to teach you how it will work for your company, and include your abilities as the brand expert.

Building an Inbound Sales Funnel That Converts

We use this exact process for our digital marketing agency and our clients.

STOP continually “chasing” prospects for your product or service and eliminate that constant rejection from uninterested buyers.


How We Help You

Proven goal-driven strategies and tactics by a metric-oriented team of marketing experts focuses on supercharging your business. We model the most successful businesses and strategies that produce consistent results to dominate your market through two programs: Market Domination and Business Advantage.

Strategic Responsive Website design and development

The Foundation to Your Online Success


Marketers want a beautiful website—but they also need a website that converts visitors to result-focused outcomes, such as leads or purchases.

Stand Out & Get Found

Ongoing Lead Generation for You


A VP of Sales wants "increased sales productivity"—but they also need what contributes to it, like leads, accurate reporting tools, and training.

Develop a Lead System

Sell More and Sell Faster


We know how to run successful ad campaigns, and we know all the secrets to optimize every $ spent on Facebook. In a world of digital products and services offered by thousands of digital agencies, we stand out with an impressive offer: our Facebook Advantage Attack System, with a special guarantee that no one else can deliver.

Grow Your Business Quickly

Website Design and Ongoing Digital Marketing

Year after year, Uhuru's work has exceeded our expectations. Their staff are extremely experienced in their field of social media, marketing, and design, and consistently deliver not only outstanding visual products, but good sound business advice as well. They pay thoughtful attention to our mission and goals and provide strategies that have moved our organization forward by leaps and bounds. We consider ourselves lucky to have the opportunity to work with such skilled professionals.

happy client Linda Van Kirk

Linda Van Kirk

Executive Director

Central California SPCA


Free Digital Marketing Resources

25 Website Must Haves

This free guide is the ultimate resource to having a killer website.


Website must have

Blog Post SEO Reference Guide

Free, quick reference guide for optimizing your blog posts!


seo guide

How to Attract Customers with Facebook

Learn the right approach to generating customers from Facebook.


attract customers with facebook

How to Create Buyer Personas for Your Business

Learn how to speak to your ideal buyer so you can increase qualified leads.


create buyer personas

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