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InvestAcq Joins the Uhuru Network Team

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Today, we are excited to announce that the talented Scott Allen of InvestAcq has joined Uhuru!

If you know Uhuru, you know one of our core principles is that the glass is already broken. This means that even though we have processes, strategies, and tactics in place today, it’s a guarantee that they will eventually be replaced by a new way of doing things — one that is even more efficient and effective.

The only thing that’s static is our goal to build successful marketing and sales efforts with our clients.

Allen not only shares this value but, as an entrepreneur and intrapreneur throughout his career, he’s demonstrated a passion for it. With this latest growth, Uhuru now boosts its healthcare marketing expertise and capabilities — and opens new doors. We’re combining strategy with creativity as we deliver high-level marketing expertise and scale our agile team.

Introducing Scott Allen, Former CEO of InvestAcq

As a thought leader in the social media world and with a wealth of experience in healthcare digital marketing strategy and consulting, Allen brings a unique viewpoint and an entrepreneurial spirit to the Uhuru team.

Most recently, he served as CEO of InvestAcq, where he worked with private life sciences companies looking to raise capital via an exempt investment offering that allows general solicitation. Previously, Allen oversaw marketing strategy and operations at several startup companies, honing his agile approach and coaching executives to drive better tactical and strategic decisions.

Allen is a respected thought leader in social media strategy and technology. Through his company The Virtual Handshake, Allen delivered educational presentations and training in social media engagement and tools. He has co-authored two books and an e-book on the business use and management of social media, written hundreds of articles and blogs on social topics, and is a regular contributor for a number of columns, magazines, and online publications. As CEO of The Virtual Handshake, he lent his expertise to mid-market and growth-stage companies looking to realize maximum benefits from social technology.

What Is InvestAcq?

Allen has always been a proponent of entrepreneurship and is passionate about helping companies raise capital via private markets. “Access to capital is a driver of the economy and a driver of innovation,” he says. “Early access to capital is even more so, particularly within the healthcare space. When you include clinical trials, getting a medical product or drug to market translates to a minimum investment of $120 million.”

Before joining Uhuru, InvestAcq was an emerging player in the investor acquisition field. Working with clients in the healthcare industry — including biotech, medtech, pharmaceuticals, and other life sciences fields — InvestAcq supported Regulation A+ offerings.

Regulation A+ offerings are designed to enable the general public to invest in startup companies. There are two tiers in Reg A+:

  • Tier 1, for offerings of up to $20 million in a 12-month period
  • Tier 2, for offerings of up to $75 million in a 12-month period

Additional requirements are associated with both tiers, and nonaccredited investors are limited in the amount of money they are able to invest in a Tier 2 offering. As CEO of InvestAcq, Allen led his clients in identifying the best potential investors for each unique offer.

Armed with a strong belief in “selling the story, not the stock,” Allen set the standard for InvestAcq.

The goal was to craft effective messaging and target messages to reach potential investors. Once they arrived at the client’s website, investors in alignment with the company’s mission and business plan were further encouraged to convert and become investor advocates. He presented this strategy recently at the Medtech & Healthcare KoreSummit 2021 For Innovators Raising Capital, where he answered pressing questions about Reg A+ raises and the pillars of investor acquisition.

With Allen on board, Uhuru can now provide our Health Hive clients access to another talented team member within our retained brain trust, plus has gained the expertise needed to scale our digital marketing agency operations into investor acquisition.

Why Scott Allen Joined Uhuru

Allen is excited about the opportunities Uhuru brings. Coming into Uhuru, Scott brought a love of doing the work. “I enjoy performing at a high level,” he says. He doesn’t just run a client’s campaign. Instead, he integrates a thoughtful, well-aligned strategy — and Uhuru supports that strategic approach.

Why make the move to Uhuru?

Allen answers, “I hit the point in my business where I had the need to scale faster than I was prepared to scale. I realized I could keep trying to figure it out myself, or I could partner with someone who had already mastered the scaling of service delivery. Joining the Uhuru team allows me to play to my strengths and focus on what I do best: creating value for clients through marketing strategy to help them grow their business.”

“Boiling it down to the two things that make InvestAcq and Scott Allen an ideal match for Uhuru, it would first be our core values and culture alignment and then our similarities in having a systematic marketing engine of getting value for clients,” says Peter Lang, CEO of Uhuru. “Scott was Uhuru even before he officially joined.”

What’s Next

Uhuru’s well-established healthcare marketing hive partners with clients to drive growth, generate leads, and maximize marketing ROI. As we explore investor acquisition marketing, we are primed to nurture longer-term client relationships. Naturally, this also allows us to further provide value as these exciting ventures expand into customer acquisition.

Ultimately, we aim to not just meet but exceed all of your business goals. We are excited about how this new talent will enhance and widen our services to launch your business to new heights.

Schedule a free marketing assessment to connect with Uhuru. One of our digital marketing consultants will provide you with actionable insights to take your healthcare marketing efforts to the next level.

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