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Why You Need a Healthcare Marketing Agency
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Why You Need a Healthcare Marketing Agency

You’re passionate about improving healthcare—making it more accessible, convenient, educational, and compassionate. You want to communicate those priorities to patients and partners alike. When you’re immersed in the daily grind, however, you can’t always see the bird’s eye view of your organization’s path to those goals.

A healthcare marketing agency can.

Experienced marketing strategists, programmers, and creatives who are constantly tracking healthcare trends and innovations can assess and level up your communications, online presence, and brand reputation—so you can focus on doing what you do best.

What Is a Healthcare Marketing Agency?

Your industry—and your position within it—have very specific content and communication needs. These are needs that have been thoroughly assessed and addressed by data-driven healthcare marketing agency professionals.

A healthcare digital marketing agency’s bird’s eye view informs your strategy and defines your competitive edge. Once your marketing partner zeros in on the target personas you’re trying to attract and pinpoints what differentiates you from your competitors, you can position your organization as a leader in your field.

You’re not equipped to achieve quantifiable results from full-stack development, strategy, content development, design, social media, and email outreach. A premier healthcare marketing agency like Uhuru is. We customize, then optimize your marketing strategy to the strengths and opportunities of your unique organization.

Why Do You Need a Healthcare Marketing Agency?

Theoretically, you could build your own office. You could research, learn the ropes from seasoned architects and developers, and start hiring a crew—but would that be a wise move? This all-consuming feat would pull you away from the work you’re trained to do and the patients who count on you.

Your online presence is like your digital office.

A premier digital healthcare marketing agency is like a master contractor—it comes with all the strategies, specialists, tech and legal parameters, and experience needed to streamline your processes and resolve your pain points.

Top Healthcare Digital Marketing Agencies will gladly show you data-driven case studies that demonstrate their experience implementing successful:

  • Long-term growth strategies
  • Lead generation campaigns
  • Brand awareness and reputation campaigns
  • Patient and partner education platforms

Your healthcare digital marketing services should also include audits of your patient journey touchpoints. A reputable digital healthcare marketing agency will help you enhance interactions with patients—make them feel cared for, understood, and confident that your care plans are safe and evidence-based.

That’s a lot of expectations—but the top digital marketing healthcare agencies have fulfilled them over and over again for healthcare organizations across size, specialty, and budget spectrums.

Implementing a marketing strategy should not be as complicated as building an office—that’s why you should entrust this critical job to specialists who’ve studied their craft as long as you’ve studied yours.

Do These Struggles Sound Familiar?

Have you ever worried that your sales are merely transactional—just one and done? Then it’s likely you instinctively understand the need for building relationships with patients—and enhancing their trust and comfort with your brand.

Do you wonder whether your patients know enough about your services and expertise to make healthy decisions, but can’t spare the time to educate them? Do you struggle with patient acquisitions and the complex B2B outreach it often requires?

If so, you’ve probably started researching what makes a healthcare marketing agency successful so you can find one to meet your needs..

Healthcare Marketing Agency vs. Marketing Agency

If you were looking to hire a contractor, all your candidates would likely understand the basics of design, drafting, permitting, crewing up, and managing construction sites. But would you hire one who builds everything from penthouses to dog houses, or one who exclusively designs and builds medical offices?

The same goes for hiring a marketing partner—your unique healthcare industry requires the targeted expertise of a healthcare marketing agency.

Both types of agencies will be familiar with the latest marketing platforms, tools, and tactics. Both are likely equipped with a wide range of services and budget-friendly plans. Both may even be marketing innovators.

However, only the healthcare marketing agency will understand what you do every day, where your industry is heading, and what your patients have come to expect.

What Makes Uhuru Different?

Just as you trust your organization’s mission-driven specialists to treat different health conditions, you can trust the vetted, brand-aligned specialists at Uhuru to diagnose and resolve your marketing pain points.

For over a decade, our digital healthcare marketing agency has culled marketing specialists with industry certifications and targeted experience. Uhuru was founded by Vanessa Rodriquez and Peter Lang, sales and marketing executives with stellar track records, but also with a reputation for integrity. That’s why clients say working with us inspires trust organically.

Our clients can peruse our credentials and our data-driven healthcare marketing case studies—just as your patients do when they research medical professionals.

Your ideal healthcare marketing agency is the one that shares a mission before it ever shares a business plan, that nurtures your online reputation as does its own, and that obsesses over the state of healthcare just as much as you do.

Your ideal healthcare marketing agency is Uhuru.

Our founders thoroughly vetted top healthcare digital marketing agencies across the country before acquiring The Mission Maven. Owner and strategist Whitney Cole’s reputation in healthcare marketing circles was already unparalleled, and Mission Maven clientele was already enjoying extraordinary data-driven results. Joining forces with Uhuru enabled Whitney’s healthcare marketing agency to scale—and add even more specialized services.

Unparalleled Experience + Finely Honed Expertise = Uhuru’s Health Hive

For over a decade, Health Hive strategist, marketing thought leader, and podcast host Whitney Cole has been delving deep into the struggles facing U.S. healthcare companies. Their marketing efforts can’t quite create enough value for customers or patients, so their sales suffer, their revenue misses targets, and their board and investors start breathing down their necks, demanding to see ROI.

Enter: Whitney’s Health Hive.

Our team will get to know your target audience on a personal level—connect with the humans behind the demographics. Together, we’ll develop messaging and strategies that drive your audience to you, keep them engaged along the care continuum, and help you achieve your mission by nurturing their health and happiness.

With practice management and patient-journey-nurturing nuances always top of mind, we will customize and optimize your marketing strategy, website development, content development, email marketing, ad campaigns, social media campaigns, and marketing collateral.

By educating, nurturing, and engaging your target patient, we’ll make it clear why your practice is their best option. As your reputation improves, your volume will increase. Our strategists will develop targeted patient referral resources—a mainstay of your industry. We’ll also help you acquire referrals by connecting with and engaging your fellow healthcare professionals in stimulating conversations.

How do we accomplish all of this and more?

We have access to critical medical marketing channels. We’re constantly learning from thought leaders—both in medicine and marketing. We’re always keeping up with HIPAA compliance standards, medical regulations, and industry trends. And finally, we’re always listening—to the patients and partners out there who need your services.

Every one of our customized healthcare marketing plans answers these key questions:

  • How can it enhance the reputation of the practice/company?
  • How can it draw in more patients/customers?
  • How can it develop more internal relationships for referrals?

If you ask these questions of us and get strategic, data-driven proposals followed by quantifiable results, you’ll never become complacent about your marketing. And that means staying ahead of the new competition creeping into your industry every day.

The Uhuru Way

You run your organization in your own unique way—and so do we. Our method embodies our mission, so each client’s customized marketing plan requires these critical steps:

  • Creating buyer personas: You can’t engage your ideal customers until you know who they are.
  • Documenting the buyer’s journey: According to the Pew Internet & American Life Project, 80% of patients research online before committing to a practice—we want to know exactly how and why they do it.
  • Documenting your current sales process: We’ll observe and consult with your sales team and explain the data-backed “why” behind our recommendations.
  • Developing funnel stages: A great healthcare marketing agency will map out exactly what kind of content your future patients want to see at the learners’ top of the funnel (ToFu), the shoppers’ middle of the funnel (MoFu), and buyers’ bottom of the funnel (BoFu).
  • Conducting a content gap analysis: We collect sample content, organize your assets by a common variable, then calculate how engaging they were to discern trends and opportunities for future strategies.
  • Determining your goals, OKRs, and KPIs: We’ll define your goals, implement objectives and use key results to streamline your sales process, then use key performance indicators to measure how we’re achieving those goals and objectives.
  • Completing a competitor analysis: Understanding your competitors’ marketing strengths and weaknesses is critical to developing a superior marketing strategy.
  • Conducting keyword research and analysis: When you know what your future patients type into their search bars while researching your services, you can strategically implement well-performing keywords and climb higher in Google’s search results.
  • Creating a content production calendar: We map out your content and our time to a T—so you get the most out of your budget, every time.

Repeatedly delivering marketing success isn’t based on strategy and tactics—it’s rooted in the value delivery process.

At Uhuru, we don’t just sell to our customers. We educate them with a unique, memorable perspective. When we invest time and energy into helping you become “the” healthcare hub—full of information that’s extremely useful to your ideal patients—they will begin to share and even recruit new business for you. Those people who read your content are some of your best (unpaid) salespeople!

That’s why the first question we’ll ask your future patients will be: “How can we ensure we’re providing you with the most value up front, with no obligation?” Then, we deliver what they ask for.

Our founders have always understood that sales success is always preceded by plenty of failure—so we built systems to follow-up and nurture prospects and buyers at daily scheduled times to ensure they aren’t slipping through the cracks. We automate these operating systems to make them more efficient.

At Uhuru, our ability to deliver predictable and repeatable results is also heavily tied to the checklists included in our SOPs. Once you see them, you’ll realize why we’re able to repeatedly deliver marketing success for you, and invaluable information for your patients and partners.

The Uhuru System

This fact grabs the attention of many prospective clients, who soon sign contracts with us: Uhuru is 50-75% faster now than we were before adopting Agile Marketing—and our culture has attracted vastly more talented team members.

What Is Agile Marketing?

Imagine if your team members collaboratively decided which high-value tasks and projects to prioritize, then measured their impact in order to incrementally and consistently improve results. They’d be practicing Agile Marketing.

Because it evolves continuously in weekly “sprints”, rather than long term campaigns, our model enables team members to think on their feet and pivot quickly when strategies shift, without breaking budgets.

Unlike month-, quarter-, or year-long strategies—which can often leave you befuddled over where it all went wrong—revolutions that take weeks, days, or even hours have optimized our operations and skyrocketed our results.

The Agile philosophy is being applied in a wide range of industries, including healthcare, where we’ve helped dozens of organizations transition to Agile Marketing and achieve impressive results.

From Day One of your marketing program, you’ll have a dedicated health hive team at your service. It represents a variety of skill sets and decades’ worth of experience getting results. Learn more about our hive marketing team structure.

The moment you partner with us, you’ll enjoy consistent, high-quality:

  • Management and Meetings: Stop worrying about being billed for every email, call, and meeting—there are no charges for client meetings and communications.
  • Ongoing HubSpot Management: Outsource the daily monitoring and analysis of your account—including website traffic trends, keyword performance, lead nurturing, and social media—to a certified HubSpot Partner.
  • Agile Framework Workflow: Uhuru moves twice as fast, has more predictable outcomes, and gives our agile agency—and our clients—a competitive advantage. Learn how our agency uses Scrum for Agile Marketing.
  • Complete Activity Transparency: Enjoy 24/7 access to activities, task lists, campaign milestones, files, and messages—our platform is intuitive and transparent.
  • Monthly Performance Reviews: Tweak your strategy during monthly meetings that include full updates on all activities, results, and recommended action plans.

The advantages of working with a fully distributed healthcare marketing agency are becoming clearer to more healthcare industry professionals every day—you can be one of them.

Ready to Level Up Your Healthcare Marketing?

You’ve got so much experience, expertise, and patient success to share with the world—why wait? Your future patients and your future partners need you now—discovering your organization should be easy and educational for them. A robust healthcare marketing strategy will inspire them to trust your clinical knowledge and preventive advice.

We’re market savvy, we’re agile, we’re fast, and we’re efficient—we’re Uhuru, and we can help you be all those things, too. After accessing your marketing assets and gaps, we’ll share all the insider secrets that will launch your organization far ahead of the competition.

Schedule a Strategy Session and see for yourself why Uhuru’s Health Hive is always abuzz with new requests, compliments, and raving reviews!

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