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How to Get More Gym Members with Inbound Marketing

How to Get More Gym Members with Inbound Marketing

Imagine if every time you started your day, you were greeted with a database of prospective gym members that came to you.

Sounds awesome, right?

Right… when you use inbound marketing to get more gym members, that’s exactly what happens! When you spend time every day, week, month, your gym business grows.


I’ll explain…

Today, I’m going to show you how inbound marketing is the easiest way to get more gym members.

Truthfully, the gym business is like any small business when it comes to generating leads from its digital marketing.

What inbound marketing has brought to light is that producing content that answers an ideal buyer’s question, is educational, useful, and trustworthy will attract leads. And that’s where we’ll start.

The Phases of Inbound Marketing


You need to attract more customers through as many channels as possible. When referencing online, we use content. Specifically relevant content, that helps your ideal buyer with the problem or pain that they have.

Market Dominating Website

Get More Gym Members with Inbound Marketing - Marketing Domination WebsiteFitness marketing works very similarly as other businesses when it comes to inbound marketing. A large portion of your potential prospects we’ll either find you via a search, or do a specific search about your gym before calling or visiting. Without a doubt, your website will be one of the first impressions your gym makes. You can no longer get away with having a basic or even mildly decent website. It’s not enough just to keep your site updated information because most of your competition is doing that. Not enough to simply showcase a photo or two of your facility. Moving forward, you need a website that is an inbound marketing machine and market domination.

Social media channels

social media marketing for your businessTo start, used three of the top four social media channels. I’m all for using more than four but it’s not easy nor is there enough time to do every social media channel correctly. You must only use the channels that your ideal buyer uses.

The truth is; Social Media is one of the most impactful ways of attraction that your business has at its disposal. You’re able to add a human touch to your fitness business quite easily.

Some basics;

  • a Facebook page – a critical part of getting more gym members with inbound marketing
  • a Facebook Group – keep your members up to date with the latest updates, gym hours, training information and more.


Blogging for your businessYou must optimize your content for your ideal buyers. Your website must be full of helpful content that entices not only your customers at your potential customers to visit and read your website. Demonstrate that you are an authority in the many ways your gym helps its members. That can be exercise guides, nutrition plans, and tips, in goal setting exercises. This content can be written articles with photos, and even videos.

Some basics;

  • create a weekly fitness tip via a blog that way your website is fresh and helpful.


Once you’ve completed, the rather complex task that is generating more traffic, your ultimate objective it to convert that traffic into leads for your gym. To capture information about a visitor, you’ll need to entice them to give you their email address. Do more than asking them to subscribe to your blog or to contact your gym with questions they may have about their fitness goals. To create a fair exchange, their email address for helpful information, you’ll need to provide informative and useful content across all areas of the buyer’s Journey.

hubspot buyers journey online shopping behavior

Some of the methods to successfully capture your traffic and identify them as leads, include:

    • CTA’s (Calls-to-action) – You must explicitly tell your visitors what particular action to take. Few Gyms businesses realize that everything must direct the customer to take action. You must tell them how to act to obtain the solution of their problem or your product or service. This is incredibly important! The CTA can direct them to download an ebook, nutrition plan, or even signing up for a personal consultation.
    • Landing Pages – Once a visitor clicks on the CTA, they’re taken to your landing page. The objective of the landing page is to get the visitor to fill out a form in exchange for the useful item promised in the CTA. Typically, website visitors are captured as leads when a form is submitted on your landing page.
    • Contact Database Building a database based on the form submissions from your landing page is an actual asset to not only your inbound marketing efforts but to your gym business as a whole. These contacts become a part of the email list you will segment and nurture over time. By keeping all this data, you’ll begin to add more value to every gym member interaction.


email marketing for your businessEmail – Most visitors aren’t ready to become a customer right away. Therefore, you must use email to nurture the potential gym member over the customer tipping point. A series of automated emails that provide helpful content will build trust and provide relevant content across their buying journey until they’re ready to buy. For a fitness center, offering a free visit to the gym can get the ball rolling.


Now that your gym has captured your visitors and nurtured them through multiple email touches it’s time to transform the leads into gym members, into customers.

To do so, you’ll need to provide your lead with decision stage offers. Visitors in the decision stage are looking for words like:

  • Compare,
  • versus,
  • vs.
  • comparison,
  • pros and cons,
  • benchmarks,
  • testimonials,
  • reviews

Other marketing tactics:

  • Provide a Monthly Challenge, with Benefits, to your Gym Members – Every month you should provide a visual and informational benefit of being a member of your gym to both your blog and Facebook page. Show your prospect members what they’re missing.
  • Success Stories aka Testimonials – You need perfect testimonials to close the deal. NPE is  a leader in Gym business coaching and stresses the importance of success stories. Tip: Make sure to use these examples of your members who’ve reached their fitness goals in your automated email workflows. To accomplish this marketing automation do your gym marketing with HubSpot’s software.


Whatever your inbound marketing goals are for your getting more gym members, always be specific. Whether that’s increasing the amount of search traffic to your website, getting more gym members, or capturing more email subscribers.

The true way to be successful with your inbound marketing will boil down into whether or not the work is being put in on a daily basis.

– Peter

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