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HubSpot can supercharge your gym marketing efforts

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HubSpot can be a powerful tool to help grow your gym membership. Standing out from the crowd with your gym marketing can be difficult with traditional advertising methods. Newspapers, billboards, radio, or TV aren’t useless, but it is becoming harder to stand out from the crowd or track the performance of these methods. Additionally, it’s difficult to be where your ideal customers are because you’re targeting everyone. Enter inbound marketing and the methodology pioneered by HubSpot.

Common Gym Marketing Problems

  1. Struggling to drive traffic to your gym’s website. This can be a result of poor SEO strategy, ineffective content, or a number of smaller possible issues. HubSpot’s methodology and tools can help identify possible SEO issues as well as help you plan a content strategy around your ideal customer.
  2. Limited social media presence or engagement. Limited engagement can stem from posting the wrong types of content to the wrong audience, ineffective calls-to-action, or simply posting at the wrong time of day. HubSpot has a social media publishing tool that helps with a number of these issues.
  3. Your gym website is not generating contacts or leads. Your website should be generating contacts and leads from visitors, either by way of an offer or subscription. HubSpot integrated into your website allows you to turn those anonymous visitors into known contacts and leads.

How HubSpot Can Help Your Gym Marketing

In addition to the some of the features listed to the problems above, HubSpot’s emphasis on preparation, setup, and investigation will help take your gym marketing further.

  1. Persona Development. This is key to creating good content for your website. Who are you writing for? HubSpot’s emphasis on truly understanding your ideal buyer and what motivates them is the foundation of inbound marketing. Too often gyms create scattered content directed at many different “personas”, whether they are an ideal buyer or not. Time spent here will generate tremendous returns later.
  2. SEO Audit. Is your website ready to perform? You can do the blog posts and content offers but if your website is limited by poor SEO, you’ll receive poor results. SEO is essential to the inbound marketing methodology so this is a crucial step in getting HubSpot’s software to help your gym marketing.
  3. Calls-to-Action. Calls-to-action tell your visitors what you’d like them to do next, which is crucial to converting your new website visitors into known contacts and leads. If you have ineffective CTA’s, you can severely impact your website’s effectiveness. HubSpot’s software helps you create CTA’s that effectively turn strangers into contacts.
  4. Landing Pages and Forms. Once you click on a CTA, your landing page needs to do the heavy lifting of presenting the value of the offer and enticing them to fill out the form to receive the offer. Again, HubSpot has a list of best practices for the creation of these landing pages and the software to track the performance.
  5. Lists and Workflows. Lists allow you to segment your contacts on a variety of factors. Workflows allow you to take those lists and nurture the contacts further along on the path to becoming customers. These automated workflows are a powerful tool that market your gym 24/7.

Final Thoughts

Marketing your gym with HubSpot is a big step. It requires you take an active approach with your marketing: creating blog posts optimized to your ideal buyer, content offers, landing pages, and workflows. But if you’re ready to take be proactive with your marketing and make your website work for your gym, HubSpot can, and will, work for you.

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