The New Uhuru Logo Redesign

Creating an effective logo is hard. Logo redesign is a creative and emotional process.

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Today, we unveil a new Uhuru logo that you’ll see across our online channels. We know that branding is important to your business and marketing, so we wanted to give you an insider’s look into our logo redesign and other changes happening at Uhuru.

New Uhuru Logo


There are a lot of considerations that go into any logo redesign, and ours was no different. The core word Uhuru, which means “freedom” in Swahili, has been a part of our logo since 2010. It’s also the name used by every person and company that refers to our team. As a result, we started to explore making the word Uhuru a stand-alone visual and pair it with a mark that symbolizes and represents our team, company values, modus operandi, and impact.

What happens during the logo redesign process?

Like most companies we required a few (actually, quite a few) rounds of revisions before we felt a concept resonated with our company.

We also made this logo;

  • for our buyer personas and what they respond to
  • to stand out from other agencies
  • convey our tone

Ultimately, our creative team hit the logo redesign nail on the head! Viola!

Uhuru Network Digital Marketing Agency

We created a mark that symbolizes our results driven approach. The shapes inside the triangle represent the increase in our clients’ profitability, while the triangle itself represents a peak or the highest mountaintop to showcase Uhuru’s ability to help your company stand above a saturated marketplace. It also doubles in meaning, as reaching the highest point on a mountaintop gives the feeling of “limitlessness” and “freedom.” The design is very modern, cool, and unique. The typography is unique as well, playing with the middle “u” and making the overall logo clean, universal, and strong.

As changes in the appearance of a brand symbolizes rejuvenation and a reawakening, so does ours.

Along with this refresh we’re taking a step to provide the type of care typically lacking in our industry. It’s insane to hear about companies that pay SO much money—and have to chase down people in agencies. Plus of course—they don’t deliver the results!

This is unacceptable. Which is why with the new logo comes our new brand promise.

With our Business Advantage Attack Program, in the first 30 days you’ll get results and see us as your partner or we’ll give you your money back.

During the past years we’ve helped many businesses reach their goals online with systems such as inbound marketing and social media ads. We’ve proven our systems across multiple industries and business models and have used what we’ve learned to build a globally distributed team of experts around the world.

We know how to run successful ad campaigns, and we know the strategies and tactics to optimize every marketing $ spent. Most importantly, we are digital marketers and know that one tactic or channel is just a single part of the big puzzle. For example, together with Facebook Ads management, we work with you in optimizing your lead conversion funnel, your website, your content marketing, and everything connected with generating more sales for your business.

And since we’re sure about this, we offer you a 30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. That’s true: we’ll give you a FULL REFUND if you (or we) are not seeing results! That means giving you back the entire first month’s fee, something no other agency will guarantee!

We appreciate the ongoing support of our loyal community. Standing strong under our new logo, we’ll be focused on delivering the best growth-oriented and innovative digital marketing services and looking ahead to the future of digital marketing.

To your growth,
Peter Lang

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