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The Guaranteed System for Facebook Ads Success

In today’s competitive world there are too many digital agencies that don’t know what they are doing, leaving clients unhappy. We labeled ourselves as experts only after 10 years of working with digital media. We are bloggers, entrepreneurs, and business people that love to educate on using tech to live a better life.

We constantly improve our skills, learn new technologies, and anticipate new trends. Most importantly, we focus on our clients’ success by delivering them more than what they

Thanks to Uhuru Network, on the first month of activities we saw a 144% sales of our online shop. We can now maximize every Euro spent on Facebook advertising and measure our return on investment. For instance, on a Facebook retargeting campaign, we achieved a return of 653%! Having a Uhuru as a partner, lets us focus on other important company activities, while feeling confident that we have a team of professionals on our side, that we couldn’t have had internally.

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The Facebook Ads Experience:

Facebook is today the top social media platform of all the time. It’s also the largest online database of information with over 1.5 billion monthly users and 1 billion daily users who share, communicate, and interact with friends and businesses.

If you’re reading this page, you probably know what Facebook is and how it works. We’re not here to tell you this.

Over the past years, we’ve been helping businesses on Facebook by unleashing the power of Facebook Ads.

We know how to run successful ad campaigns, and we know all the secrets to optimize every $ spent on Facebook. Most importantly, we are digital marketers and know that Facebook is just one part of the big puzzle: together with Facebook Ads management, we work with you in optimizing your lead conversion funnel, your website, your content marketing, and everything connected with generating more clients for you.

Our clients benefit from 4X to 12X multipliers from their Ads spend. They embrace the Uhuru culture, are more organized, happy, and grow together with us.


Week 1: Strategy

Every engagement starts with a strategy session with an Uhuru digital marketing expert. We review your digital marketing activities and identify space for improvements.

We define your buyer personas based on the data available and create targets. We outline the Facebook Ads campaigns and prepare outstanding graphics and copy with you.

Week 2: Launch

Once you approve all the ads, we launch the campaigns optimizing your online sales funnel. We start to get first data and solve any errors with multiple daily checks and optimizations.

Week 3: Optimizations

During this week we test more targets and optimize even more of the campaigns. We do edits in ad placement, targets, objectives, budgets, and offers.

The main objective is to identify the best performing ads and target where to focus and allocate the budget accordingly.

Week 4: Results & Moving Forward

During Week 4 we’ll have a clear picture of the results we’ve generated. We’ll prepare a report for you based on your previous results or on your expectations. We’ll calculate the number of leads generated, the number of people reached, the number of clicks, and the increase in revenue, and report on other metrics.

This report will be presented to you by your Digital Marketing Consultant and will help you evaluate our work. If you are unsatisfied, we’ll refund our agency fee. If you’re impressed and want to continue, you’ll become one of the clients that we love to help.

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WE guarantee that YOU'll see us as a partner after 30 days or your money back

Let us explain this better. Is this a guarantee of results? Something better!

We can’t guarantee results such as revenue because we don’t know your website, products, selling process, or your business yet. And you should never trust someone who guarantees you results such as likes, visits, engagements, or even revenue without a deep understanding of your business.

We could generate you 10k of traffic for $100 by using fake visits. Would they increase your revenue? No!
We could generate 10k likes for $200. Would they make your page better? No! Your page would be penalized by Facebook.
We could generate user engagement for a few $. Is that that you want? Fake likes and comments associated with your business?

No, we don't guarantee you that. We guarantee you something more valuable: we offer you our full expertise and promise that you'll be happy, and see us as your partner for your online growth.

And since we’re sure about this, we offer you a 30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. That’s true: we give you a FULL REFUND if you (or we) are not seeing results! That means giving you back the entire monthly fee, something no other agency can guarantee!

Why do we promise you a full refund? Because we want our clients to be happy. And because by doing this we sleep better at night knowing that we really helped you reach your goals.

Wait a moment...If you are so expert why do you offer a trial month?Because the most important thing is for you to see us as a partner, able to work with us, to match our work standards, to be a good fit. At Uhuru we value our relationships and want clients that can grow with us.

If we feel that our work relationship it's not going to work we stop the contract and give your money back to you.

It sounds crazy I know, Welcome to Uhuru.

Who is Uhuru?

One of the core values at Uhuru is that we practice what we preach. You can see by yourself what we're capable of by looking at our own work. We are the agency behind stylishlyme.com and trucchifacebook.com, two popular blogs that attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors (and convert them into leads and customers) each month in USA and Italy. We are also the bloggers running those blogs!

During the past years we’ve helped many businesses reach their goals online with systems such as inbound marketing and social media ads. We’ve proved our systems to be valid and working in a variety of ways and have used what we’ve learned to build a globally distributed team of experts around the world.

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In a world of digital products and services offered by thousands of digital agencies, we stand out with an impressive offer: our Facebook Advantage Attack System, with a special guarantee the no one else can deliver.

We’re delivering this product only to specific businesses that qualify. And the reason for this is stated in our brand guarantee statement:

WE guarantee that YOU’LL see us as a partner after 30 days or your money back.