Top 200 Paid iOS App's May 9th 2013 Statistical Data

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Top 200 Paid iOS App's May 9th 2013 Statistical Data

Top 200 Paid iOS App’s May 9th 2013 Statistical Data

Price Total %
$0.99 104 52%
$1.99 38 19%
$2.99 24 12%
$3.99 7 3.5%
$4.99 18 9%
$5.99 1 0.5%
$6.99 4 2%
$7.99 1 0.5%
$8.99 0 0%
$9.99 3 1.5%
Category Total %
Games 95 47.5%
Photo & Video 28 14%
Music 13 6.5%
Health & Fitness 11 5.5%
Entertainment 10 5%
Productivity 8 4%
Utilities 6 3%
Social Networking 4 2%
Reference 4 2%
Lifestyle 4 2%
Business 3 1.5%
Education 3 1.5%
Weather 3 1.5%
Sports 2 1%
Food & Drink 2 1%
Navigation 2 1%
Books 1 0.5%
Finance 1 0.5%

What does this data say about the iOS App Store market? Does/should it impact your mobile strategy? Let us know in the comments.

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