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Top 200 Paid iOS App's May 9th 2013 Statistical Data

We broke down the data for the Top 200 Paid iOS app’s for May 9th 2013, here are the results.

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Business Mobile Marketing Strategy

If your business is online and lacks integrated mobile commerce capabilities, you’re missing out.

Thus far, many companies have made a decision to proceed with app creation despite the lack of development in a long-term strategic plan. The novelty of having an app has caused them to stray from their priorities and capabilities and has led to the creation of apps that fail to deliver real value to the user. According to an Adeven study in 2012, 400,000 apps have failed to receive even a single download.

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Mobile Website vs Mobile App vs Mobile Web App

Mobile this mobile that. The term is attached to everything these days and it can get confusing for people to understand what it means when someone says mobile “whatever”. The most common mobile “something” terms we are going to tackle today are mobile website, mobile app and mobile web app. Mobile Website When we say […]

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iPad Layout with landscape / portrait orientation

What will an iPad-optimized website do for your business? Find out here!