I Have No Quality Sales Leads. Is My Website To Blame?

Do you know the real reason why you don't have quality sales leads? No? Keep reading.

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If you are interested in learning if your website is to blame for your business’ having no quality sales leads then this is going to be an important and exciting article you’ll ever read.

The fact is, quality traffic and leads are the lifeblood of your business.

Especially when it’s the primary lead generating tool for your business. If you’ve asked yourself or your marketing team this if your website’s to blame and didn’t get the answer you were looking for I’ve provided some simple reasons why.

No quality Sales Leads - is my website to blame?

The simple reasons why:

  • You don’t have enough traffic
  • You don’t convert the traffic you do have into opportunities
  • Your Website design doesn’t present your firm value in a compelling way
  • You don’t provide general awareness content to capture an early stage buyer for future lead nurturing
  • Your website content isn’t speaking to your preferred client.
  • You’re not creating useful content on a regular basis.
  • Your website doesn’t collect visitors information to gain valuable business intelligence.
  • Your website isn’t optimized for search engines. (aka SEO)
  • Your website isn’t compatible with the the visitors technology (i.e. mobile, tablet)
  • Not ranking for long-tail keywords. (Long-tail keywords are less popular keywords because they have less search volume)
  • Or you have a high-ranking site with great content but have a poor conversion funnel (i.e. the path for potential new clients take to be captured in your database or contact you).

From our experience, you may feel this way because the leads you’re getting from your website don’t reflect your ideal client. When this happens you’ll ultimately take on work that isn’t the best fit for your firm or waste time and resources following up with leads that never qualify as an opportunity.

So what are your options?

First, realize this didn’t just happen overnight.

Think about this…

How are these strangers finding your website? Most likely, it’s based on the content of your website. Content should be created for target customers to solve their problems.

What is your firm telling them when this person first arrives on your website? Most likely, your messaging speaks about your firm and not the ideal target’s problem. Content can take many forms: blog articles, interactive tools, photos/infographics, videos. and eBooks/presentations. These draw in strangers, convert them into leads and give you the ability to close them into clients. Website content is and should be a value tool in your marketing efforts to drive quality sales leads.

What systems do you have in place to take this stranger/ traffic and qualify them as your desired lead? Most likely, you’re listing your simply telling them who you are and what you do rather than communicating with the problem that they’re having. By doing this, you’ve made it the responsibility of your sales team, or even you, to talk with every prospective buyer to figure out if they’re the right person to buy what you offer. This is a waste of time and means you have a higher than necessary cost of acquisition. By communicating the right messaging and funneling leads into a system to qualify them you’ll be spending the highest and best use of your time.

You can’t generate quality sales leads without quality traffic.

You can’t build a list of quality sales leads without speaking to their problems.

You can’t even sell to the majority of your traffic without considering where the visitor is in their buying process.

And you most definitely can’t sell your own services to your desired client without offering value creating content, capturing them, and nurturing a relationship.

Everybody knows…

Websites drive leads to businesses.

The key to your business growing with digital marketing is making sure your website speaks to your desired client and that it’s given the highest probability of pulling in strangers, converting them into leads, and qualifying them as your desired opportunities

No business can acknowledge these facts without realizing that the whole purpose of business is growth – that business is dynamic, not static. That it should always be moving forward – not standing idle. Same goes for your website.

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