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Uhuru Network Acquires Development Agency, Mercantyle

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We are so excited to announce that the talented Mercantyle team has joined forces with Uhuru!

While the COVID-19 pandemic presented new challenges for everyone, Uhuru is built on a culture that embraces all kinds of challenges. Our unique approach allows us to position the company in a way that will leverage opportunities on multiple levels. Seeing this challenge as an opportunity gave way to the next chapter of growing Uhuru and finding the right companies—and people—to grow with us.

We strive to not just survive during difficult times but to thrive.

It is hard to stress how much all sectors of our economy have been affected by COVID-19, first in the way they must communicate, but then in every company activity. E-commerce has shaken the business models of giants. Strong players have emerged, and entire industries have disappeared. It is consumers who decide where and when they want to consume. And each year, more and more of them make their purchases online.

This latest acquisition is just one snapshot of why it’s crucial to find the right company and people to provide more for our clients. Growing during these unprecedented times may seem impossible, but for us, it’s just the beginning. Mercantyle brings more technology opportunities to Uhuru’s Clients, great people who fit our culture, and results-driven programs that seamlessly blend into our services.

With the acquisition of Mercantyle, Uhuru now boosts its technology experts and capabilities. It combines expertise in strategy, creativity, and marketing on all major platforms and technologies to build digital businesses.

Tommy Pasque, former Managing Partner of Mercantyle:

“This is a logical and exciting step for our company. It will help our team serve clients even better and create sustainable growth. Overnight, we improved our design, strategic and operational capabilities. And we gain the support of digital marketing experts in many domains, experienced in working together in a mature international group.”

Vanessa Lang, President of Uhuru:

“We warmly welcome our new team members to Uhuru. We share the vision with Mercantyle to guide companies in that new world, helping them to leverage digital tech and be digitally empowered.”


This move offers a win-win for both Uhuru and the Denver, CO agency. Uhuru Network continues its growth and expansion. It adds full-stack development to its arsenal of offerings. Mercantyle receives an outstanding opportunity to develop further, while continuity of service is guaranteed for its clients.

Let’s learn about who they are and why we’re so excited to have them on board at Uhuru.

Who Is Mercantyle?

Before joining Uhuru, Mercantyle was offering many valuable services to its customers, including:

    • Mobile App Development
    • API (application programming interface) Integrations
    • Web-Based App Development
    • WordPress and e-commerce Development
    • Ongoing Website and App Support
    • Design Services

These experiences add a wealth of knowledge that only makes Uhuru and our clients’ businesses better.

The Mercantyle Team That Is Joining Uhuru

The faces behind the experts that are now a part of our robust team are:


Tommy Pasque – Business Results Specialist, Solutions Architect


Tony McKendry – Lead Developer


Nick McKendry – Developer/Designer


Tyler Sale – Scrum Master

Mercantyle has proudly launched 20+ apps, created 100+ custom designs, launched 30+ websites, and impressively written over 1M lines of code in a little over 2 years of business. We are excited to see these numbers of success launch into a new level of achievement!

How Will This Talent Acquisition Impact Uhuru’s Services?

The best and biggest change in talent acquisition is adding full-stack development to our ever-expanding services.

Full-stack gives companies the technology development needed for an entire computer system or application—from the front-end (user-facing) to the back-end (behind-the-scenes coding)—as well as databases and internal architecture that connects everything to work optimally and cohesively.

Clients never have to worry about technical jargon or hiring internal developers. Our team does the heavy lifting and simplifies complications so you can focus your efforts on other aspects of growing your business.

Learn How These New Capabilities Can Benefit Your Business

Ultimately, we aim to be your digital marketing partner and not just to meet but exceed all your business goals. We are excited about how this talent acquisition will enhance and widen our services to exceed and launch your business to new heights.

We will continue growth via acquisition and strive to offer you the digital services you need to grow your business and brand. COVID-19 motivated our company, team, and individuals to work against the odds by demonstrating our commitment level—not just to our company, but to our clients.


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Written by

Vanessa Rodriguez Lang

President, Co-founder

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