Improve Your Blog Posts: 4 Crazy Tips That Work

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If you have already read our post Five Tips For Effective Web Writing, you already have a leg up over most bloggers. The following are tips that you wouldn’t immediately link to blogging performance but can actually have a great impact on any thing you may be working on, not just blogging.


It’s no secret that most of us simply do not drink enough water. Yet there are countless studies which show how proper hydration can improve joint health, digestion and organ health. Cognitive function also improves when you are properly hydrated. Since blogging is a cognitive function it makes sense that a glass of water should be a constant desk companion.

Get sleep

This is another one that will help with cognitive function. It seems like an obvious one and it is, yet we still stay up late and wake up early. Keep the wake up early part but start going to sleep earlier as well. There is hardly anything worth watching or doing late at night on weekdays. Record the ONE good tv show and hit the hay. Your body and your mind will be thankful.


Exercise is most beneficial when done consistently. That can be hard to do, I know. But now that you are properly hydrated and well rested it should be no problem to do some light cardio for half an hour in the morning. It will be easier to stick with it by working out in the mornings. You will have energy and your schedule is much more predictable.

Do something completely unrelated to your blog

Occasionally writers block can rear it’s ugly head. Sometimes you just need a mental reset. Reboot your creative juices by doing something totally unrelated to blogging, even unrelated to your blogging topic. This can be just the thing the blogging Dr. ordered.

Do you have any untraditional things you do that help with blogging? Share with us in the comments.

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