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How to Get More Shares on Blog Posts

How to get more shares on blog posts

How to get more shares on blog posts

In the 60 seconds it takes you to read this intro, Facebook users will have shared nearly 2.5 million pieces of content.

Social media is built around our desire to share everything, from a picture of “the best sandwich ever” to a list of “12 top fat-burning foods” when we feel guilty about said sandwich. So, how do I get more shares on blog posts? That’s the burning question I’m here to answer today.

People are sharing more than ever. Let’s make sure they’re sharing your super valuable content.

Visibility of content online


With social media’s utter inundation of content you should be doing everything you can to make yours stand out. That means captivating your audience with an awesome title, a powerful image, and valuable content.

Write awesome titles

A title should tell a reader everything they need to know about your blog post. It can also have a psychological effect that most of us don’t realize, causing certain types of posts to receive a far greater share rate than others.

Get more shares on your blog posts by:

  • Making Lists –  “8 ways to get more shares on blog posts”
  • Creating Guides  – “How to boost blog post shares”
  • Answering Questions  – “How do I get my readers to share my blog posts?”

Make sure the practical benefit of your post stands out in the title. People are more likely to share these popular post types based on the straightforward value they provide.

Power of images

That whole “picture is worth a thousand words” cliché got its start somewhere. Most likely because it’s true. You have the chance to make several hundred micro impressions when someone first sees your post. One of the strongest ways to ensure that first impression is a positive one is with a great image.

Posts with images receive nearly twice as many shares as those without.

You should also be using a Pinterest “Pin It” plugin to make it easy to share your blog images. Keep it simple and convenient and you’ll see shares increase.

Provide real value

I can’t stress enough the importance of valuable content. People don’t share content that doesn’t provide real value. Make sure your post triggers the urge to share by examining this list of reasons people share.

According to The New York Times Consumer Insight Group, people share for 5 main reasons:

  • Enrichment of others – Be it for entertainment or self-improvement, most people are sharing in order to enrich the lives of others.
  • Self-definition – Sharing is a great way to make a statement about who you are and what you care about.
  • Networking – Users share in order to find others with similar interests.
  • Sense of purpose – Sharing involves a user in the world around them and gives them a sense of purpose.
  • Cause – A share is a great way to support a cause or brand that you believe in or support.

Stimulate emotion with each post. Connect with your readers on a deeper level and you’ll be giving them a reason to share your content.

Optimize posts for social media

Convenience is key when it comes to sharing. If someone gets the urge to share your post but finds it even the slightest bit difficult to do so, it’s likely they won’t.

Part of your strategy to get more shares on your blog posts should be to include plugins that make it a breeze to share.

Use a plugin that allow readers to share (on each of the social networks on which you’re active) with a single click. Make sure they’re quick loading and use contrasting colors.

As I mentioned before, the Pinterest “Pin It” plugin makes image sharing fast and easy. You can also use a “Click to Tweet” plugin to make it super simple to share an important excerpt of your post.

Convenience plays a huge role in a reader’s willingness to share, so do everything you can to make it easy.

As for Facebook, you should learn and use the so-called “open graph” metadata to communicate the way you want your posts to be shared online.

These are lines of code like:

<meta property=”og:title” content=”5 Advanced Facebook Ad Targeting Strategies That Work” />

<meta property=”og:description” content=”Without taking the time to develop and employ powerful Facebook ad targeting strategies with your Facebook marketing, you may end up throwing money away.” />

<meta property=”og:image” content=”” />

These metadata are very important because they show Facebook what the shared posts are to look like: “og:title” is instructing Facebook on the title; “og:description” on the link description; “og:image” on the image it should show in the post.

There are many forms of open-graph data and they can all be used to make sure the post is shared the way you want it. More importantly, if a post has its main open-graph metadata optimized it is more likely go viral on the network. You can view the way Facebook reads your content (and check for any errors) by using the Facebook Debugger Tool

Awe, don’t spam

The best way to encourage sharing is by posting content with an “awe” factor. The best way to keep your post from being shared is by spamming.

Simple enough, right? An “awe”-some post stimulates the user’s urge to share because your content is unique. It’s so unique that they don’t want their network to miss out, so they pass it on.

When you create content that feels like you’re selling something (even the tiniest bit), you could be putting people off your content altogether. Instead, create content that builds trust and showcases your expertise.

If it’s shares that you seek, create content with real value. The increase in brand authority and traffic will be what boosts your profits, not sales-type copy.

Note: Keep your posts positive. While the nightly news may have you thinking that the world is obsessed with bad news, there is plenty of evidence that suggests just the opposite.

Use tools to find inspiration

Tools like Ahref and Buzzsumo will take the guesswork out of creating engaging topics.

Ahref’s Content Explorer and Buzzsumo both allow you to find the top posts related to your topic and view just how many shares they’re receiving. Creating a post based on current share trends is a great way to ensure that your post will be shared as well.

Use these tools to find your inspiration and you’ll be creating content destined for share success.

Wrapping it up

I’ve just shared my favorite ways to get more shares on blog posts. They’re straightforward, actionable, and bound to provide you with a measurable boost in your share rate. Put them to the test and be sure to let me know how they work by commenting below.

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