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10x Your Conversions: Build the Perfect Facebook Landing Page

10x Your Conversions Build the Perfect Facebook Landing Page
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10x Your Conversions Build the Perfect Facebook Landing Page

What is the most important part of any lead generation strategy?

If you ask us, it’s whatever generates the highest number of quality leads. The same holds true for your Facebook lead acquisition.

We see too many brands spending tons of time and money promoting content or creating ads that drive clicks, then sending them to a boring, confusing, or otherwise disengaging landing page.

What does this all mean?

It means that you should be paying more attention to the first thing visitors see when they click through to your website. In other words, you should be using a landing page design specifically for the Facebook ads you’re running.

If you’re not already familiar with the Facebook Landing Page concept, it’s time to get acquainted. That’s exactly why we’ve written this guide. It’s all about the Facebook Landing Page, including:

  • 4 Benefits of Using a Facebook Landing Page
  • 6 Types of Facebook Landing Pages You Should Try
  • 10 Best Practices for Driving Conversions with Your Facebook Landing Page
  • And more!

In case you still don’t get it, this is an all-encompassing guide to creating and deploying high converting landing pages on Facebook.

Are you ready?


4 Main Benefits of Using a Facebook Landing Page

Landing pages are more important than you might think. Why?

Because an expertly crafted landing page delivers more “bang for your buck” than any other tool in your lead generation engine. Landing pages are incredibly simple to create, and when they contain the proper elements, they will turn more visitors into leads than any other part of your website.

There are three main reasons why no Facebook lead generation campaign is complete without a Facebook landing page:


1. They are (typically) a visitor’s first REAL impression of your business.

Your advertising should drop visitors on a landing page that presents a quick and easy way for them to understand the value of doing business with your brand. You want to grab a visitor’s contact information as quickly as possible, so you need to be sending them to a landing page that was created specifically for the campaign you’re running

A landing page can either make or break that first impression opportunity, so it’s vital to put some resources behind a unique and engaging landing page.

Our landing pages are designed to be simple, distraction free, and conversion focused, but we still try to instill a sense of the value Uhuru delivers in each of them.

facebook landing page consultative selling guide

2. They catch visitors while interest is high.

Most visitors end up on a landing page after seeing an ad that interested them enough to click through. Landing pages give you the best opportunity to take advantage of that piqued interest.

Rather than giving them the opportunity to get distracted, bored, or confused by any of the other elements of your website, a landing page takes immediate action.

3. They present a value heavy, distraction-free lead-conversion platform.

A good landing page capitalizes on the interest we mentioned above by delivering a whole heap of value right off the bat.

Rather than sending people to your home page or anywhere else on your website, they land on a relevant landing page that presents them with an offer they can’t refuse. You can grab their contact info and provide trust-building, upfront value in the same initial brand interaction.

As you can see, landing pages are an incredibly important part of an effective inbound funnel. The same thing can be said for a Facebook landing page.

Your Facebook page is the equivalent to the home page of your website. It’s full of distractions and typically doesn’t do as much to gather user info or provide upfront value.

4. They build your audience on AND off Facebook

Lots of brands focus on building their community around their Facebook pages rather than working hard on lead generation. While it’s great to interact with your community via social, what would happen if (hypothetically) one day your account got hacked and that whole community was deleted?

A Facebook landing page gives you the opportunity to collect user info so you can build a contacts list. Not only does that keep your list of contacts separate from your Facebook page, it gives you the opportunity to market to them more effectively via lead-nurturing email sequences.

6 Types of Facebook Landing Pages to Test

While a landing page is a fairly simple and straightforward concept, there are several types of campaigns you can create your landing pages around. They should all do one thing well—drive conversions.

The following is a list of proven ways to generate more leads by running highly specific ad campaigns. Each is built around a specific type of offer that you promote with custom Facebook ads to drive clicks. Then you turn it over to the landing page to drive the conversion!

1. Free Resource/Guide Download

One of the most common (and effective) types of Facebook landing pages are those offering a free download of a “How To…” or “XX Tips…” guide that gives users an upfront taste of the value of doing business with your brand.

You’ve probably encountered plenty of these types of offers, but if you’re in the mood for something more unique, be sure to test one or more of the following.


When we promote our Retargeting Guide on Facebook, visitors land on a clear, benefits-driven, conversion-focused landing page.

facebook landing page facebook retargeting guide

2. Contest Entry Pages

Facebook users love contests. If you’re looking for a creative way to generate plenty of user engagement and buzz around your brand, a contest is a great way to do so. Give away your product or service for free, or try giving away an exciting product related to your industry.

You can create highly targeted ads that showcase your contest as a way to quickly build your email list. Be very clear about what entrants win and the rules of the contest so that you avoid confusing or upsetting anyone.

3. Free Event/Webinar Signups

Another great way to provide value and really show off your industry expertise is through events and webinars.

Promote your webinar with custom ads and direct users to your landing page with a signup form. Local businesses can also use unique ads to promote a free event and gather contact info via a “guest list” that gets them in for FREE.

4. Free Consultation Signups

If you offer free consultations, you can create a set of highly engaging ads that link to a consultation signup landing page.

For example, a PR firm might display ads that lead to a landing page where users could sign up for a “FREE 30-Minute PR Strategy Call.”

Local businesses can use this type of Facebook landing page too. A chiropractic practice could promote a free health screening and adjustment in their ads and use their landing page as a signup form.


We promote a Free Strategy Session to help brands better understand how Uhuru can help them with a simple, benefit driven landing page that breaks down what they can expect from the call.

facebook landing page strategy session uhuru

5. Coupon Pages

The coupon page is a powerful landing page that can grab contact in exchange for a discount coupon. This is especially effective for ecommerce businesses, but many local businesses use this type of Facebook landing page with excellent results.

For example, you could run ads offering 25% off a new customer’s first order that link to a coupon page. All a user would need to do to take advantage of this offer is submit their contact info.

If they don’t convert right away, you’ll be able to add them to your lead-nurturing email sequence to help close them in the future.

6. Product Pages

Finally, the product page is a great way to show off the product(s) featured in your ads in far greater detail.

Product pages are typically asking for the ultimate conversion, a sale, which means they need to be highly detailed and expertly executed. Be sure to take a look at our best practices section below for more ways to make the most of your Facebook landing page.

Driving Conversions: 10 Facebook Landing Page Best Practices

Now that you know more about Facebook landing pages than Zuckerberg himself, let’s look at how to optimize them for conversions and make the most of the traffic you send their way.


1. Simple Is Better

A Facebook landing page should be simple. Excessive design, copy, or imagery can lead to distraction or overwhelm.

Instead, keep the features you include on your landing page to a minimum in an effort to keep your visitors focused.


This landing page for one of our fashion ecommerce case studies is extremely simple. It clearly displays the key points we want to get across and keeps the user’s focus on downloading the resource.

facebook landing page uhuru thank you page

2. Clear and Clutter-Free

We’ll include this one next to help emphasize the importance of a simple and straightforward Facebook landing page design. When it comes to landing pages, it’s better to have too little (or just enough) than too much.

You want users to take action on your landing page, so don’t give them anything else to think about or distract them.


Even on landing pages with more copy, we still work to keep the layout simple and free of clutter or distractions. There is nothing that takes away from the objective of downloading the ebook.

facebook landing page content amplification guide

3. Relevancy is Key

Use relevant ads to drive traffic to relevant landing pages. Your Facebook landing page should be directly related to the ads that brought users to them, so be sure you’re not trying to create a blanket, “one-size-fits-all” landing page to cover all of your advertising.

The last thing you want users to be saying to themselves upon arrival is, “Why am I seeing this?”


4. Deliver Value

In case it wasn’t clear yet, the whole point of having a landing page is to present immediate upfront value.

Create something awesome and give it away in a guide. Take one of your best-selling products and give it away in a contest. Whatever you do, don’t miss the opportunity to make an excellent first impression by providing value up front.


5. Talk About the Benefits of Your Offer

One of the most important parts of the limited copy on your landing page should be the clearly stated benefits of your offer. We’re not talking about “A 27-page guide with 55 healthy recipes.”

Instead, tell your visitors about the benefits they’ll receive from your offer or webinar, like, “Learn to eat for increased energy and alertness throughout your day.”


6. Big CTA Above the Fold

If you want people to take action on your Facebook landing page, you have to ask them to do so. Make sure you include a prominent CTA (call to action) on your landing page and include it above the fold (the space visible when a page first loads).


7. Use Directional Cues (Get People Looking in the Right Direction)

Don’t be afraid to use things like directional cues, arrows being an obvious but effective example. Point out the most important things on the page or use arrows to draw attention to elements further down on the page.


Notice the subtle downward facing arrow that directs our visitors attention towards the form.

facebook landing page results driven marketing guide

8. Have a Singular Goal

Everything on your page should be focused around a single goal. The copy, imagery, and design should all be focused on driving a single user action (conversion).

Don’t include anything that doesn’t align with that goal and avoid anything that might distract or detract from it.


9. Use Social Proof to Drive Home Benefits

You can tell visitors all about the benefits of your offer, but a documented testimonial from a real life user is far more powerful. Including things like Facebook comments, tweets, or Amazon testimonials (to name a few) will help drive home home how great your offer really is.


10. Test, Test, Test

Finally, no matter how many of these best practices you follow, the best Facebook landing page will be the one that you optimize for your unique audience over time.

Test different colors, copy, CTAs, imagery, and design elements to see what resonates with your audience and what doesn’t. Running tests like these will help you to understand what elements to include in your future landing pages too!


Finishing Up

A Facebook Landing Page is a vital component to Facebook marketing that too many brands overlook. Rather than using generic website pages or or irrelevant landing pages that don’t connect with your ads, take the time to create custom landing pages for the different types of campaigns you run.

Following the guidelines of this blog post will help you to build landing pages that boost conversion rates, build your contact lists, and deliver a significantly greater ROI. It’s time to start developing!

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