7 Reasons Twitter Should Be An Essential Part of Your Blog

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Twitter is Essential to blogging success

For many bloggers out there, the thought of the “T” word brings feelings of terror. Thoughts of celebrities and athletes, tweeting their own commentary about their breakfast and personal lives like Ashton Kutcher, Kim Kardashian, or opinions on sports like Shaquille O’Neal and LeBron James.

Though Twitter can be annoying when in the wrong hands, don’t be turned off. Whether you love or hate it, Twitter is a crucial part of your online recipe for success. In this article you will learn 7 ways Twitter can take your blog to higher levels.

1. Twitter enhances reader engagement

Twitter allows your current and potential readers to see what your blog is about in real-time, between the blog posts. When you share an idea and people react, you are getting immediate feedback on that topic or idea will be received on your blog.

This is a huge advantage, allowing you to feel out what people are finding interesting and important, and giving you the ability to adjust your content or promotion accordingly. I know that I have found content inspiration and effective blog promotion adjustments by catering to what my readers want and engage with on Twitter.

2. Twitter gives a glimpse at your competitors

Competition in blogging is an interesting topic. Most of us feel we’re all part of the greater blogosphere and therefore don’t consider our fellow bloggers competition. If you feel that way at least consider the following as a better way to understand your market.

Competition is everywhere – all of us are vying for attention. It’s no longer just the similar blog in the same category, it’s now about rising above all the information being thrown in front of your target reader. From other online content and even their friends and family. Keep ahead of the game by seeing what your competitors are tweeting about and you’ll gather market intelligence that will help you get insights that you can use to inform your strategy.

I have learned a great deal about what my competitors/fellow bloggers are titling their articles, new perspectives on evergreen content, etc. Look to Steve Jobs – always do your best to stay one step ahead of the competition.

3. Twitter can help direct traffic to your site

Twitter is a great medium for sharing your blog posts, tips and offering valuable perspective from the lens of your blog. By giving potential readers a reason to visit your blog, you are driving traffic that may not have ever found your site. In addition, if your content is creative and compelling enough, others may re-tweet it and your blog will have the ability to spread beyond your own reach.

Some examples of content that is creative and compelling are contests, giveaways, controversial stances on topics, trendy and relevant news, a free ebook, a white-paper for signing up to your newsletter, etc. Any incentive for a person to visit your site from Twitter is a good one.

4. Connect with like minded people in context

People just like you are using Twitter to talk about what they care about and what has their attention, right now. This gives you powerful context to connect your message to what’s most meaningful to them. Engaging with real-time conversations with influencers and like minded people in a way that can help build your blog will give you incredible insight and opportunity.

If you’re not sure how to find these people search Twitter by topics and keywords that relate to your blog and connect with those tweeting relevant tweets.

5. Ability to connect with a real person on a personal level

Twitter was created to connect a person to another person, in a public domain. Much like a text message between friends. Tweets don’t have to be pure promotion of your blog and content all the time. Sometimes they could be fun and relatable. Make comments that are related to daily happenings and praise those who are doing well in society and the heros that impact your life. Really it’s about showing you are more than just content.

6. A dynamic way to engage with your readers

If you have a blog you should have determined the purpose of your blog and be sticking with it. This purpose gives you a range of topics to follow, share and create. Allow people to share in this process with you by providing an inside look into the workings of your interests and projects thus allowing your community and customers to connect with your unique story.

7. You can interact and respond beyond your blog

Far too often bloggers don’t leave their blog to interact and respond to others online. You’ll find that interacting and responding to others will do more for your online success than solely tweeting into the void.

Twitter will give you the power to respond and interact with the celebrities and leaders of your field in a way never available before. Utilize this access in a polite and responsible way and you’ll reap the benefits of accessing a larger network of people and gain additional perspective on the workings of the world beyond the tipping point.

Tweets give you so much information. They can contain a link to a partner site where you’ll be able to see more content directly within it, photos, ideas, questions, opinions and so much more. You’ll be able to find something in a tweet to respond to.


Bonus Tip: Avoid answering: “What are you doing?” Do tweet: “What has your attention?”

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What else would you add? How are you using Twitter for your blog?

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