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Recurring Customers

First, you need to calculate your Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). To do this, you need to estimate the average revenue you will receive from recurring customer purchases. Recurring customers are customers that buy from you more than once throughout their lifetime. If you’re an existing business you may need to reference your accounting data to complete this form accurately. If you are a start up, you’ll need to make an educated guess based on your industry.

Average Purchase

This is the average sale or purchase amount for one transaction for a recurring client

Average Number of Purchases

This is the average number of purchases a recurring client will make with your company throughout their lifetime.

Average Revenue

This is the average gross revenue from a single recurring client over their lifetime.

One-time Customers

Next, you need to determine your one time customer revenue. Some clients will only purchase from you once throughout their lifetime and you need to take that into consideration.

Average Revenue

This is the average sale or purchase amount for one transaction for single purchase clients.

Percentage of Client Base

This is the percentage of your client base that purchases from you on a one time basis.

Profit margin

Enter the average profit margin percentage of one-time and recurring customers.

Profit Margin

Input your average margin. (Margin= net profit/sales)

Your Marketing Budget

To calculate your marketing budget, you need to determine what each new client is worth to you, known as the Customer’s Lifetime Value. Key in the % of Customer Lifetime Value you want to spend on acquiring a new customer (10% is the generally accepted value). Then enter the number of new clients you need to acquire monthly to reach your growth and revenue goals. Your monthly marketing budget is automatically calculated as you complete the form.

Your Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

(of a single client)

Recommended Budget

(to acquire a single client)

Your Calculated Monthly Marketing Budget


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