Structure your own Goals, Plan, Challenges, and Timeline.

Example: wants to generate $50,000 monthly revenue by Dec 2017. It requires that they grow 40% over the next 8 months. This means acquiring 6 new clients that generate $2,500 per month. Additionally, would like to move into a larger office, establish a relationship with the local university, and begin developing other products. AlternativeMedical's Goals: $50,000 monthly revenue by year end, acquire 6 clients at $2,500/month, move into a larger office space, develop university relationship, increase product development

Example: In order to achieve these goals we need to improve the results we get from our sales & marketing program, sell higher priced products and retain 90% of our current clients. Our plan includes improving best practices for new customer acquisition, pay more attention to our blog and following up more quickly on customer inquires.

Example: Our current challenges center around generating high quality leads that reduces our sales cycle. This is different than previously because the change in the market and a new competitor limited funding. Our biggest challenge has been understanding how to start these new initiatives.

Example: Our deadline to hit this goal in order to be successful in June, in order to be prepared for the August selling season. If we are not able to improve our lead flow within the next six months, we will miss our goals.

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