Building a Brand

Central California SPCA

The Central California SPCA (CCSPCA), established in 1946 and located in Fresno County, California, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit humane society.

Vision Statement
To lead our community in promoting the quality of life for animals.

Mission Statement
To provide protection, placement, and education to ensure responsible animal care.

The Challenge

CCSPCA needed a new website and a digital marketing plan to help donor and B2C buyers understand animal care and the level of specialized animal care that the organization provides.

The non-profit industry is very competitive, and in order to compete in the marketplace we needed to refresh their website design to communicate the organizational benefits to their customers and achieve mobile and tablet compatibility.

Uhuru Network’s goals are to increase conversions and establish multiple lead channels. By increasing conversions, CCSPCA will generate more brand awareness, revenue, and become a market leader across multiple department needs and functions.

The Strategy

The CCSPCA’s goal is to nurture, segment, and grow the best opportunities so CCSPCA can pass more qualified opportunities to each department. These efforts should also increase brand awareness, increasing fundraising and engaging the CCSPCA’s constituents online.

Donor development is imperative, and in order to compete in the marketplace and achieve CCSPCA’s donations goal, we must focus a large part of our efforts on increasing CCSPCA’s communication with its current and prospective stakeholders through automated nurturing communication.

Additionally, we needed to increase touch points and conversions so the CCSPCA will generate more revenue.

In order to achieve this goal we’ll use the most advanced techniques and platform for inbound marketing, combined with advanced techniques for Facebook Ads that will drive qualified people to the website and convert them into clients and then promoters.

We need to use valuable blog/social content to drive visitors, build trust and credibility, make useful offers based on where someone is in their lifecycle to drive conversion, and implement personalized lead nurturing to stay in front of members and donors.

“Year after year, Uhuru’s work has exceeded our expectations. Their staff is extremely experienced in their field of social media, marketing, and design, and consistently deliver not only outstanding visual products, but good sound business advice as well. They pay thoughtful attention to our mission and goals and provide strategies that have moved our organization forward by leaps and bounds. We consider ourselves lucky to have the opportunity to work with such skilled professionals.”

—Linda Van Kirk
Human Resources Manager
Central California SPCA

Market Domination

Full Refresh and Rebuild of the CCSPCA Website and Inbound Marketing Funnel

Working with an agency can be difficult and can be a disaster if the partner agency doesn’t clearly understand the goals and needs of the organization. Uhuru has engaged in multiple meetings with CCSPCA staff to fully capture the business objectives and high-level requirements and goals of the CCSPCA.

The refreshed and custom-built CCSPCA website needs to offer solutions to their target audience that will drive visitors deeper into their website content. In essence, the website needs to act as a salesperson for the organization. Uhuru Network’s research methods help us better understand audience motivators, behaviors, and perceptions that enable us to craft creative experiences that drive results. By profiling CCSPCA’s target audience, Uhuru Network developed a user-experience strategy to drive lead generation and revenue.

Content Offers Examples

Business Advantage

For our BA Program to be truly effective we have to know who the business is talking to. We worked with each department in the CCSPCA to detail the ideal buyer persona they are trying to attract and the “process” they use to nurture and convert those they attract into various forms of opportunities.

We’ve analyzed the information and created a written document, known as their marketing strategy. It is designed to deliver the specific information the CCSPCA’s donors/supporters, volunteers, adopters,and hospital clients are looking for at each stage of their “buyer’s journey,” and to measure the effectiveness of that marketing activity so that their marketing efforts can be improved over time.

Content offers are the tools we use to provide value to contacts, enticing them into a deeper relationship. A deeper relationship means high conversion rates and greater engagement on future offers and contact points.

Moving website visitors, adopters, donors, and event attendees into a contact database can be difficult. It isn’t possible to just load up names and begin emailing without possibly irritating your contacts. A lead-generation sequence works by converting all levels of contacts—website visitors, event attendees, adopters, donors, etc.—into known contacts. This is done by developing calls-to-actions, landing pages, and offers that encourage people to sign up and provide their contact information.

Facebook Ad Campaigns Examples

Building Buyer Personas, Branding, Websites, & a Content Marketing Strategy for a Non-Profit Animal Shelter

“We are extremely pleased with Uhuru! I was at first skeptical about the transition for a new website and jumping on board with using various social media outlets. They proved me wrong!”

—Barbara Y. Fukumitsu, PHR
Human Resources Manager
Central California SPCA

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