Rivet Works Content: Power Post & Content Offers

Being a user-generated content tool, Rivet Works understood the value of creating expertly crafted content to support their buyer’s journey, as well as their SEO. They’re own content was not optimized to drive traffic, so we kicked off their content creation (Business Advantage) program with a high-value piece of long form content – The Ultimate Guide to User-Generated Content.

Animated Content Graphics

As if the content its self wasn’t outstanding enough, we decided to take it to the next level with animated graphics. As you can see the design above showcases our “power post” design layout. The animated gif below shows how it looks in real time.

Content Offer Designs

One of the benefits of creating engaging content is that it can be used as a powerful lead gen tool. However, to be effective, it also needs to be visually engaging. This content offer was designed from cover to cover to provide an enticing reason to download, a well as a more engaging and easy to consume layout for the reader. After all, unread or abandoned content is ineffective content.